ExpressionEngine is the most emerging open source development platform with the flexibility and wealthy features. In the last couple of years, ExpressionEngine has occurred as an excellent weblog publishing system along with great highlights.

ExpressionEngine development has been emerged as an ideal CMS and used by many thousands of developers for web development, e-commerce, blog, and portal websites. ExpressionEngine development is possible in both ways free and commercial.

ExpressionEngine has a set of tags for use in its own template. To know the ExpressionEngine development in a better way, one needs to have knowledge of EE tags. EE provides the solutions in such a way that a freelancer and development companies as well can develop any kind of websites from simplest to complex. EE is naively alterable as compared to other CMS.

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Here is the list of ExpressionEngine features:

1. Easy & User-Friendly CMS:
ExpressionEngine developers have proved that it’s a powerful and most useful content management system. ExpressionEngine has the features for developing and designing which makes it very easy and user-friendly CMS. Even you have to put very less effort to update on your site. Only in a few days, anyone can get along with the EE development.

ExpressionEngine does not let you repeat yourself, it means that EE provides you the feature of “create once, publish everywhere”. EE enables you to write content, event postings, adding staff members or new products without keeping you stuck into a “page”. We can deliver content to different pages, mobile app, or wherever we want without writing that again.

2. Flexibility & Extensibility:
ExpressionEngine has very rich features. EE avails customizable and comprehensive features for diversified business requirements. You can manage many websites from one dashboard.

ExpressionEngine makes you able to develop and design your website extensively. It does not bind your thoughts in limits. This evolvement feature of a CMS makes it perfect for site development.

3. Modules & Plug-in:
EE provides the feature of creating different modules to make a better distribution of the website. To add extra features, modules are added and then it’s very easy to manage them.

ExpressionEngine has a vast collection of the plug-in. whenever you wish to add an extra feature to your site then you can just explore the library of plug-in and use it.

4. Freedom to Build:
ExpressionEngine development is renowned for providing freedom of development and designing from scratch. EE allows the users to add new content or modify existing easily whenever they want and however they want.

Many people want their websites according to their desires, not as a prefix. EE let ExpressionEngine developers and designers create an optimal website without compromising. EE also lay off the conflicts amidst developers and designers.

5. Extensive Online Documentation:
ExpressionEngine is also known for availing online documentation in a detailed manner so you don’t face any issue in any phase. You can find all the documents over here regarding everything about ExpressionEngine development and design as well.

EE provides every bit of information to ExpressionEngine developers from the introduction to the advanced level of ExpressionEngine development and designing. Below are a few documents which are most important:

  • Introduction
  • Installation & Updates
  • The Back-end
  • The Front-end

6User Management:
User management is another important feature of ExpressionEngine. EE allows us to add many users as we want and configure them according to the requirement at different level like admin, editors and read-only. It gives relaxation to admin if he/she just wants to give limited permission or access to the particular person.

7. Advanced Caching Techniques:
ExpressionEngine processes the pages very fast already but in case of a big number of tags for fetching dynamic information or processing that, the page sometimes takes time in loading. Here comes caching. We can use inbuilt caching of EE which helps in speed up the rendering of tags and the fast load of pages at the user’s end. This caching is not applied by default as EE provides various ways of caching so we can choose the most suitable as per the site and its structure.

The available caching techniques are here:

  • Tag Caching
  • Template Caching
  • Dynamic Channel Query Caching

We can easily use any third party cache servers with EE. There are also some add-ons available that can be used to enhance the speed of the site even after having a big database and a big processing logic behind the pages.

8. Email Anti-spam Encoding:
Email anti-spam encoding feature is also provided by the ExpressionEngine. EE authorize us to encode the email address on the website using JS (JavaScript), which is an amazing feature to prevent spam emails in your inbox.

9. EE Support:
ExpressionEngine is also most popular for providing live support to users. We can connect to them whenever we want; they are always ready to provide support. They have three different plans to subscribe for support. We can select any plan according to necessity and level of support.

10. Extensible Commenting Management:
ExpressionEngine let us enable the feature of extensible commenting management. Comments can be managed in threading way or in a nested way. EE also provides the ability to set whether comments need to approve before reflecting on site or not and many more setting we can do.

11. Secure Form Processing:
Spamming through forms is happening a lot. ExpressionEngine has a built-in feature to stop spam queries through forms. Robots attacking days are no more, now ExpressionEngine learns about a website content to reform the filters and make sure that spam users snuggled back where they belong to. If still, someone tries to poke in then EE converts the data into text format so it does not harm the site.

12. Page/Post View Tracking:
ExpressionEngine also has the feature of counting the views of any page or post. It allows us to count the number of view on an individual page. Probably page view counting refers to complete HTML document but we can also count the virtual page views.

13. Flexible Email Options:
ExpressionEngine has this amazing feature of email integration in core PHP and third-party email service provider as well. EE allows integrating with any of email service provider we want and it’s very easy with EE rather than other CMS.

14. Third Party Service Integration:
Third party service integration is one more important feature of ExpressionEngine. ExpressionEngine let integrate the services very easily. For example, we can integrate payment gateway very easily into an EE website. There is only one need for third-party integration and that is API (Application Program interface); If API is available then it’s very easy as pie.

15. Mobile Friendly Website:
All websites which built in ExpressionEngine are responsive. Responsive design makes the admin able to manage the website from any device and anywhere.

On every device (phone, desktop, and tablet), ExpressionEngine control looks perfect and let you work from anywhere.

16. Upgrade ExpressionEngine:
ExpressionEngine is the easiest CMS to update in comparison to other CMS. Usually, people are so puzzled when it’s time to update the software but EE has eased your update work. You just need to visit your control panel and click a button, wow it’s done now.

Why Choose W3care to Hire ExpressionEngine Developers?

We at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have an expert team of eminent ExpressionEngine developers who can develop and design unique EE website according to your specific requirements. We are eternally stimulated to work with those clients who bring us challenges of custom web development with marvelous needs.

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Our development team is filled with enthusiasm and so passionate for ExpressionEngine along with professionalism. We have designed and developed hundreds of ExpressionEngine websites throughout the worldwide countries. We are proudly an authorized member of ExpressionEngine professional network since 2011 and we have developed dozens of public add-ons. You can check our profile on devotee professional network.
W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides ExpressionEngine web development, Plug-in, and Add-on development, Template designing, Module development, and maintenance services. W3care is your perfect ExpressionEngine Partner to hire developers regarding ExpressionEngine Development Services.

ExpressionEngine Development Services:

  • ExpressionEngine Website Design and Development
  • ExpressionEngine Web Customization
  • ExpressionEngine Add-ons Development
  • ExpressionEngine Web and Apps Maintenance
  • ExpressionEngine Plugin and Module Development
  • Store Implementation in ExpressionEngine
  • E-commerce Website Development in ExpressionEngine
  • Third Party Integration with ExpressionEngine (Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, BB Forum, Vbulletin, SSO)
  • Website Migration or Cloud Setup
  • ExpressionEngine Add-on Upgrade
  • Optimization of ExpressionEngine website
  • CMS version upgradation

Use of numerous add-ons like:
CartThrob, Freeform, Forum, Structure, WYGWAM editor, Multi-Site Manager, MX Google Map, LG Better Meta, File Manager, Imgsizer, LG htaccess generator, Fieldframe, MC Image Manager, Playa, LG Image Manager, Channel Images, Character Limit, Low’s Yearly Archive, Akismet, Google Analytics Panel, CP Analytics, SEO Lite, Channel Videos, Tags etc.

If you have questions about building your website using ExpressionEngine CMS, we are here to help you. Please visit our portfolio that will help you to know about our expertise in this domain. Our customer satisfaction and growth is a testament to its success which is our priority.

Advantage of using Expressionengine Development

  • Open Source Software
  • Simple User Interface
  • Amazing Design Flexibility
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • SEO Friendly Design & Content
  • Large Collection of Library


Hire a Team of ExpressionEngine professionals where the creativity never ends

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