engagement model

W3care offers different models for different customers to meet the diverse needs of the global client. One can choose from any of the generally accepted engagement models below or customize and engagement model based on your requirement:

Time and Material Model - In this model, there is an agreed rate per hour between W3care and the client organization. The number of hours clocked are tracked through a time sheet system, either maintained by the W3care or by the client. Time sheets need to be approved by client managers before it can be used for billing. Sometime we organizations define a minimum hours of utilization in order to cover fixed costs. This model is typically used when the scope of work and the deliverables cannot be clearly defined. It is also utilized when a certain level of research and development needs to be done. This Model provides customer with flexibility and thereby a measured & controlled Return from the Investment. Based on the Project specifications, the client can change or alter the scope and thereby position it relative to the market trends. The client pays on a pre agreed upon hourly rate which based on the Terms & Conditions between both the parties. The Agreement is subject to change or revision with rates etc, depending on the engagement model.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Price Model - A low risk model, when the scope or the specs of the project are reasonably clear. We work on this model, in industries where we have expertise and experience and where we can provide a defined time and resource estimation based on the scope. The importance of this model is on TIME and MONEY. In this model, client need provide a detailed specification document to W3care. W3care all along with you will review the stipulation and make sure that all assumptions, details are made explicit. W3care arrange an effort analysis and propose a fixed price and fixed time frame for the project execution. W3care also shows up the scope of change and possible risks during the execution phase. W3care and client enter to in an agreement that covers visual aspects, documentation, application design, testing, support period, change management, communication protocols, milestones, timelines and commercial details. The project is executed as per the agreement. In this model, for any change in scope at the later stage in the project execution, a prior approved upon fixed hourly rate is charged to the client.

Milestone based billing - This model are applied to large long-lasting projects that are managed remotely therefore allowing the clients to test or get involved during development stages/ phases. With this form of engagement payments are predefined and milestones measured against the estimated efforts. Payment schedules are pre- defined therefore reduces risks due to visibility of the development.

Dedicated Development Facility - You can extend your own engineering/development center to W3care. In this case/ model we offer the desired skill sets required for your Development, with the entire hierarchy of resources and the requisite development environment - infrastructure, equipment and virtual environment for control measures. Each client requirement is individually studied and custom quality processes/ frameworks provided. The resources can be paid on retainer basis.