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W3Care has provided enormous expertise and value on several web development projects.  Their creative thinking and engineering expertise has allowed us to innovate our product offering.  Their detail oriented approach to project management and  high-level communication ability, makes working with them a win-win experience for everyone involved.

Alejandro Ligeti, Manager, Web and Technical Projects, CentriHost LLC., USA

I have been really impressed by the service delivery of the W3Care team.   I was initially very hesitant about having some of our development work done out of the country but I have been very glad we did.  My concerns that outsourcing would increase risk and reduce control turned out to be completely unfounded.

The project was completed on time (when does that ever happen?!) and the communication throughout was better than any I’ve ever experienced.  We got daily updates from Navneet, the developer on our project, and the CEO, Satya, would pop through  an email every couple of days checking if things were ok (again, when does a CEO ever bother with a small project?!)  Payment was done via Paypal so there was no risk.  A minor error that occurred on our website a month after the project was completed was fixed without quibble less than 40 minutes after we reported it. Outstanding!

Bridget Goldfeder, GM:PrettySmart.co.za , Cape Town, South Africa

It has been a pleasure working with W3Care. I can always count on them for completing projects quickly. They are very reliable and responsive. I hope to continue a long working relationship with W3Care.

Sasha Canary,  LLC

Technology is very complex and it takes a smart, experienced thinker to navigate the many issues of delivering on time and on budget. Nitish is clearly that smart experienced leader and I would gladly work with him again in the future and am now thinking through ways to leverage more of his skills.

Bob Gourley, United States

I highly recommend doing business with W3Care as their team is knowledgeable, centered and willing to go the extra mile when needed. I have been working with the team at W3Care on several projects now and have very positive results with our partnership. No matter how successful your business is and you are, no matter how many wonderful things are going on in your life, there's always something that you can improve it. Satya and his team at W3Care can help you achieve that.

Satya is a detail-oriented, hard working, strategic and very cooperative individual who possesses great software development and web technology knowledge and demonstrates the willingness to do whatever is needed to get the job done for his business partners and internal clients. Satya gives you the proven methods and the tools you need in development, support and e-Commerce integration.

John Samadzadeh