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Software testing is the process of testing the product’s functionality and layout both over the demo as well as the live server. Testing is required to identify the bugs from the tester’s eye which slips out at times from the developer's view so that we deliver the perfect product to the client.

At W3care, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our quality assurance methods. When you hire us for QA and testing services, you know that your website will be free of bugs, protecting your reputation and helping you to generate more revenue with our Quality Testing Services. We are responsible to all of our clients to provide a bug-free product. This is why we take extreme measures to ensure that all of the websites and applications we create are completely tested before they become life.

Why Choose Our QA and Testing Services

  • Thorough Testing

    Thorough Testing

    We conduct rigorous testing on both demo and live servers to detect any potential issues that may go unnoticed during development. Our testers meticulously analyze the code, evaluate the website's functionality, and assess the user interface to ensure a seamless user experience.

  • Load Testing

    Load Testing

    We understand the difference between the demo environment and the live environment. Our testers perform load testing to optimize your code and make it network-friendly, ensuring optimal performance even under high traffic.
  • Attention to Detail

    At W3care, we take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and quality assurance methods. When you choose us for QA and testing, you can trust that your website will be free of bugs, safeguarding your reputation and driving more revenue for your business.

  • Requirement Gap Analysis

    We identify errors that may arise due to gaps in requirement gathering and modify the product accordingly. By addressing these gaps, we guarantee that your system functions seamlessly.

W3care Website Testing Process

Test Planning and Requirement Analysis

In this initial phase, we thoroughly analyze the project requirements and gather all the necessary information.

Test Case Design and Preparation

Based on the requirements and test objectives, we create detailed test cases and test scenarios.

Test Execution and Defect Reporting

Once the test cases are prepared, we proceed with the execution of the tests.

Test Results Analysis and Reporting

After the test execution phase, we analyze the test results and assess the overall quality and performance of the website.

We follow Agile QA testing to save time and perform the best quality testing services for your project. Our testers work with developers to ensure time-saving on the project as a whole. We also detect errors that are presented due to gaps in requirement gathering and modify the product accordingly.

At each stage of application development, our experienced team members test for all errors in the system, ensuring that every facet of your system runs smoothly. We aim to provide reliable software testing solutions to our global clientele.

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