Native Vs. Cross Platform app development

Native Vs. Cross Platform app development

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Do you have the following queries regarding Native Vs Cross-Platform app development? Did I choose native development instead of Cross-platform development? Which is better Cross-platform app development or native app development? May I know the pros and cons of Native Vs cross-platform development? Which is the best React-Native or the native application development? Which Cross-Platform app development is the best for mobile app development? For all your Native and Cross-Platform app development processes, here is the blog on Native vs Cross-Platform app development:-

What is Native App Development?

Native app development is the process of designing and developing apps for the Google Play Store and App Store. They have a native language and use APIs designed to access features on that platform. For Android App development, we use Java or Kotlin with its Java Development Kit. For iOS App development, our iOS app developers use Obj-C and Swift with the iOS SDK. 

Native app development on multiple devices is generally preferred by developers when creating custom, high-performance apps. Native apps provide developers with full access to all device features, allowing them to implement more complex features.

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Merits of Native App Development 

1. Smoother Performance

The native apps use the capabilities of the mobile device based on reliability, speed, and smoother performance.

2. Easy Integration and Compatibility

The Native app development integrates automatically with hardware options such as the camera, touchscreen, calendar, GPS, etc. Native apps work seamlessly with all mobile devices having various hardware features.

3. Better Security

Hybrid apps present more security risks because the more layers, languages, and technologies your app have, the greater the chance that vulnerability will creep in.

4. Store Support

The idea behind native apps is that they are easier to publish on Google Play Store and App Store and perform better because of their speed and performance.

5. Easy To Update

Native apps are much easier to update according to the latest version upgrades. It can take advantage of some features such as IoT connectivity and AI according to the lifetime of a mobile app product.

Demerits of Native App Development

As above, we talk about the benefits of Native App now here are some Demerits

1. Costly

The Native Apps cost higher because the app has to be built differently for iOS and Android. And that means you have to work with two different teams, one for Android and one for iOS. And due to this, the cost will go up for developing the app.

2. Time-Consuming

Are you working with different teams? Then it is a very time-consuming process because you have to manage two teams. Unable to copy one work for another platform. 

Examples of Native Apps are Spotify, Twitter, Pokemon Go, SoundCloud, and many more.

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

By the name, we can understand the meaning that Cross-Platform apps are single codebase apps. They can run on different platforms and different devices.

The cross-Platform app allows faster app development as developers do not need to write the whole code for different platforms. Developers can use most of the same code for two platforms. In this, the developers create the same code for iOS and Android devices. 

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Merits of Cross-Platform App Development

1. Reuse of code

You don't want to code differently for iOS and Android Applications in Cross-Platform application development. You can reuse around 70-80% of code, which makes the cross-platform simple and faster.

2. Cost & Time effective

If you don't want to change the code for the different platforms, it will save the time and cost of App Development.

3. Small Size Team

The app development process for multiple devices and platforms is much more streamlined. This app platform does not require hiring a separate development team for each one. 

4. Reach more people

Cross-platform apps are available for all types of devices. It helps in reaching a broader audience, and this will help in growing the business as well.

Demerits of cross-platform App development

1. Performance Issue

The code does not specify the devices and different platforms. In this case, users may experience some performance issues using the mobile application.

2. Limited UX options

It is necessary to plan out the cross-platform UI early during development. Cross-platform apps are unable to deliver the same UX that native apps can. Some native elements are also likely unavailable on cross-platform apps.

3. Third-Party Library dependency 

Developers may find it difficult to find libraries and SDKs that assist the easy integration of new features into their apps due to limited support for SDKs.

4. More Testing Required

The cross Platform apps are compatible with several devices and different platforms. It needs to go through a longer time for bug testing and quality assurance.

Examples of Cross-Platform Apps are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, VLC, and many others are using Cross-Platform Apps.

Which platform is better?

After reading this, hard to choose between Native app development or Cross-Platform development. So, here is the conclusion when to choose Native and when to choose cross-platform.

Native App development:

  1. When your services focus on Mobile devices.
  2. When you can handle the cost
  3. The application will start generating revenue.
  4. The market in which you operate is competitive, and you can gain an edge by improving your performance.

Cross-platform App development:

  1. When you need your business mobile application on both platforms - iOS and Android with minimum cost
  2. If you wish to avoid too many functionalities and complex apps.
  3. Cross-platform App development is not the core unit of your business.

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