Migration from Parse to Self hosted server

As it’s known now that Parse will stop their services from April 2017 so all Apps hosted with Parse at http://parseplatform.org/ now needs to be self-hosted or needs to be created in some other framework like PHP, MYSQL if App needs to continue their services. Changing the framework of Parse hosted Apps are time taking and costly process so it’s better to host Parse on self-hosted VPS server and run instance of Mongo DB on self-hosted Server. This hardly takes around one week to complete whole migration, test the self-hosted Parse server and go live with it.

Recently we at W3Care Technologies have migrated one of the Apps from Parse server to self-hosted server.

First step was to migrate self-hosted Mongo DB. As Parse supports Mongo DB, we first installed Mongo DB on VPS server and the created DB user, pass and collections.

Step 1 of Parse migration is completed after it.

Step 2 of migration is installing Parse server on self-hosted VPS.

For this we require Node JS to be on server so first we have installed Node JS on server, created the config.js file that keeps all the App settings, Api url, added cloud codes. After step 2 migration there will nothing remain on parse.com, everything is now self-hosted.

Here is a visual overview of the migration steps:

Parse to Self-hosted

Parse to Self-hosted

This self hosted Parse server and Mongo DB doesn’t have dashboard like parse.com so we also installed dashboard and configured it to work like Parse dashboard. We have successfully done this migration and ready to work on this kind of projects in future.

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