How to choose the right logo design for your business?

How to choose the right logo design for your business?

Logo, the most important element which identifies your business.  How anyone can imagine about business without a logo? A logo represents your business and stands out from the crowd.  There are many big brands which identified just because of their unique logo design and pattern. In any case, people forget your business name or website URL then a logo plays the most important role to recognize the business and their product services. A logo is one of the most important assets of a business which helps not only in branding even easily recognition to your customers as well.

If you have an idea for a startup or a small sort of business then, first of all, you have to think about a logo that can represent your business. Choosing a logo design is not child’s play there are so many things which should be kept in mind while selecting or creating the right one. A logo should be unique that convey professionalism, build trust and create strong brand recognition. It should be supporting your business name, brand, and purpose. So if you are facing any hurdles while choosing the logo design for your business then have a look at some below points that will help you in finding the right logo design.

1.Analyze the company goal, culture & edge: One of the most important steps while choosing the logo design for business is analyzing the company goal its culture and edge. Yes, how anyone can represent their business if they don’t know about the business purpose, vision & mission. A logo is the remark of a business which represents its identity after the business name and sometimes it can be before. Yes, you read that right there are some big brands which are known for their unique logo design rather than their business name. So before going further give a big thought on company goal and other related elements which help in selecting the right logo design.

2.Analyze top brands logo: When it comes to creating a logo for your brand you are completely free to choose whichever one you want. But having a look at the competitors and top brands in the same industry is always the right decision. Through this, you can get inspiration from some big brands to create your business logo design and give some ideas to your professional logo designer about which type of logo you want to create. Along with this having a look at competitors you can get to know about what will make you stand out from the crowd. You can choose something out of the box custom logo design that resonates with your market while looking incredible and cutting edge.



3.Unique Concept: The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the right logo design is it should be unique. While selecting the design for your brand logo make sure it should be unique and attractive that represents your business motto and goals. It should not be messy but should be distinctive that can be easily recognized and leave a long-lasting impression on people. A unique design always attracts the people so before getting custom logo design services from web design & development company make sure the design of the logo should be unique and appealing.

4.Finding the font:  Selecting the font style is an important element of logo design. A font is not only entitling the name of the company but also communicates its personality.  Make sure that whatever font style you choose for the logo it should be readable no matter the size of the logo. Generally, there are three types of fonts to choose between and each has its pros and cons both. Whereas fluid or slanted fonts convey motion & versatility (e.g. Disney or Ray-Ban) on the other hand thick fonts emphasizes your brand’s reliability and convey power (E.g. FedEx & NASA). Another one is Serif which is mostly used look traditional, classic, and modern as well as clean (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & GAP). So keep in mind all these things while finding the font style for logo design.

5.Choosing the colors: After the font choosing the colors for the logo is the most important aspects of choosing perfect logo design. Color of the logo leaves long-lasting impression on people and helps them to remember it. As per stats, 80% of customers say that color enhances brand recognition. As we all know different colors have different meanings: yellow is warm, white is clean, orange is confident, Red is exciting, blue is dependable, purple is imaginative, green is peaceful and black is mysterious. If you want to use multiple colors in your logo then according to research general public prefers those combinations which have similar hues (purple & blue, orange & green). Keep in mind these colors inspiration and then get the best logo design services from experts.

6.Visual Representation: A good visual representation of the logo attracts the people most in comparison to a normal logo. It creates a visual impression in the minds of the people and adds branding potential. With this type of logo design, they start to relate the logo as a synonym for the brand or the product itself.



7.Tagline Incorporation: It is one of the best ideas that you can incorporate your brand tagline into your business logo if you have any brand tagline. It enhances logo effectiveness and helps people to recognize their brand. It also differentiates your brand name with others if they have the almost same name or company name initials. Your logo is the identity of your business so it’s better that you should leave the designing part to professionals and get the best and premium logo design services from them. So incorporating taglines in the logo is the best and unique idea and you can see some examples of big brands like LG.

8.Recognition Capability Factor: According to some studies and stats it is said that people tend to remember a product or business by the logo design rather than the brand name. It helps in creating brand awareness of the new product amongst customers. You can also create a new logo by just adding the new name to the existing, popular logo. Recognition factor plays a very important role in brand recognition so while you are selecting the logo design keep this factor in mind.

Need a logo that represents your brand?
As you can see, above are the most important factors that should be kept in mind while selecting the design of a logo for your business. A logo is an element which represents your brand identity. If you are thinking to select a logo for your startup or want to change the existing design of your logo and looking for affordable logo design services then W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here for you. Yes, you read that right. We have a professional team of web designers who are creative and experienced in best web design services. If you want to get custom logo design services then contact us today and get best pixel-perfect web design, custom web development services and more. We’ll help you in designing the best logo for your business that signifies your business and enhance your branding.

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