7-Step by Step Web Design Process to Create Winning Websites

7-Step by Step Web Design Process to Create Winning Websites

We all know that each project & its requirements are unique and no task can be completed without following some steps or process. A website is the face of a business because it presents what you want to offer. When it comes to design a website a lot of things are there that should be kept in mind after all your customers are the king and you have to serve them best. A user-friendly and customer-oriented sites not only rank well on SERP even it increases your sales. A well-designed websites can take your business to the next level and your website can serve as an online catalog for your products or services.

Creating a business website is not an easy task because it should be perfect in all ways. A successful website is not built in a day or a week it takes time. Every website design & development process is consists of some steps. From understanding the project requirement to successfully delivery of a project all steps are mandatory. Here are some crucial steps that should be followed while creating a website to get the best results from a business.

1. Understand the focus of the project/website: The most important step of the web design process is to understand the focus of the project or need of the website. Before starting out, you need to know the main purpose of the client behind the website creation. Web designers should always a brief outline of the project/website so that they can give their best results in website creation. Before initiating the website design you need to know some questions to be answered from the client’s side like; what is primary aim of the website – selling the product, informing, service provider, getting the sign-ups of user  for newsletter or anything else?, Who will be the target audience?, Will it be an e-commerce website? And so more questions. Once a web designer will understand the clear purpose of website it will become easy for him to create the website according to requirement.

2. Choose a theme/template or color scheme:  A beautiful website always catches the attention of everyone whether it is your prospective customer or not. Sometimes users purchase from the websites just because they liked the website structure and its functionality. A user-friendly and responsive website converts your potential customer into the confirmed customer. So when it comes to the selection of color scheme and theme of a website it should be perfect and elegant. Web designers should be present some color scheme and template options in front of the client so that the client can make the decision wisely and approve you to go ahead with the next step. A website should not only be attractive in view it should be the responsive too so a user will not face any issue while dealing with the website. Web designer team should always keep in mind that they will provide the best responsive web design services to their clients.




3. Choose the platform and decide home page features: Once the goals are clear in mind the next step is choosing the best platform for the website. Yes, a website structure should be according to its goals. If a website is only for blogging purpose or information, news provider then there are various platforms to opt one of them like WordPress, Laravel, Cake PHP, Zend and many more. And if your site purpose is selling a product or we can say an e-commerce website then there are so many platforms like Magento, Open Cart, Joomla, Shopify, Craft CMS and many more. After finalizing the platform what features or icons should be on the home page is the most important thing to discuss with the client. Because a website’s home page shows what is inside the website and it should be the best. Being a top custom web development company, W3care suggests to its clients that the home page should be the crux of your all services and products. We always understand the need of our clients and provide the best solutions for website design & development.

4. Map out the major section: When the above steps are successfully done you can initiate the designing of the website. You can sketch out the quick diagram of the website on paper with all the major section and features. Once you sketch out the diagram on paper then you can create a wireframe or PSD of website design. While creating the PSD makes sure you are not forgetting any major thing that should be on the website in the main view. Make your website PSD with appealing images and attractive font styles so that the client can give you a green signal in the first time for the next phase.

5. Build the website and add final content: After the completion of the above steps, this is the time when you can start the coding process. At this stage, you can create CSS and HTML of the website and hand over it to the web development team for the further coding process. On this stage make sure that you are checking the website on frontend and backend both side. Most of the websites add the content after the launching of the website but we recommend that it should be along with coding part so the web designer team can understand the issues if there are any and can suggest according to the website layout. Once the content is provided by the content writer you can easily manage it with the coding part and optimize according to SEO standards.




6. Test & finishing up: This is one of the most important steps of the website design process. A top custom web development company always delivers best to their clients and to make a website best testing part is mandatory. Once the designer and developer team is done with their tasks then the website should be handover to QA and testing team. At this stage Quality analysts and tester tests website’s functionality, compatibility, performance, usability, security and many more significant things. Although a website before launching should be checked thoroughly and some things are should be checked twice or more like all the links that should be landed on the right page. Content should be readable and easy to find. The site should be responsive on all devices like mobile, desktop, iPad, tablet and more. The loading speed of the website should be very low. A professional QA and testing team always take proper and required time to check the website before it goes live and provides best QA and testing services.

7. Launch & Maintain: Last but not the least; at this step, you are ready to show your website to the world. For this, you have to transfer your website from local server to live server. This is not only the step of the web design process even your required goal also which you’ve desired. Now your website is ready to sell products, providing information or whatever mission for which you’ve designed the website.  But the launch of the website is not the end of web design & development process. Some famous custom web development companies also provide website maintenance services to their clients. Yes, providing quality maintenance services is also a part of the website design process.

Above steps are the most important steps to follow while creating a website. If you are thinking to create your website own than follow the above steps and surely it will make your website results oriented or in case you want your own business website but don’t want to make it by yourself then contact W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. today. Being a top web design company we provide responsive web design services to our worldwide clients at most affordable prices. If you already have a website but not happy with it, then you also contact us for website redesign services. Our professional team of website designer offers you the best and appealing website design services at best prices.

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