W3Care has been a steady partner in managing our online activities in the background for years!

Sramana Mitra,CEO of 1Mby1M

W3Care has managed and enhanced our website with the utmost care and commitment to quality. Over the past year, we've relied heavily on the W3Care team to help with unexpected issues, larger development changes, and website documentation. Abhi and her team have been so great: they have come up to solutions for major challenges we were facing with the website, they communicate in a very timely fashion and they are always willing to talk through an issue with us and present different options. We highly recommend working with W3Care for your development needs.

Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage [Results for Development]

Once we spelled out all the details, they were able to complete most of the tasks. Their Communication, Cooperation and Availability were excellent.

Anupam Bakshi, Agnisys Inc. India (Gurgaon)

Technology is very complex and it takes a smart, experienced thinker to navigate the many issues of delivering on time and on budget. Nitish is clearly that smart experienced leader and I would gladly work with him again in the future and am now thinking through ways to leverage more of his skills.

Bob Gourley, United States

Dipal and her team were contracted to create from scratch the website of our International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).  Communication was very good, with very quick answers everytime we needed to adjust something, despite the time zone change.  I found that the availability, efficacy and amability were excellent. In several occasions, I talked with Dipal directly by skype and the communication was very fluid. I always felt understood in my specific needs, even though I am not an expert in technology.  Sometimes we would change our mind and always felt supported by good advices in the critical moments.  I found they were able to adapt very easily to our needs, with the art to communicate on a very technical or more simple level depending the person they were talking to on our IBF team. The tracking system to exchange the progress was very easy to use and really helped the collaboration.  I really recommend the team, the support is excellent leading to the exact results we wanted.  At the time of this we design, I was the president of the IBF and we were a team of 3 persons interacting with Dipal almost daily. 

VĂ©ronique Batter, Former IBF president (President from 2012 till July 2016), Spain