ExpressionEngine development @ W3care

When you trust W3care for your ExpressionEngine site development, you are investing in power and flexibility, security, and portability across all platforms. ExpressionEngine is an open source and community driven platform that means, once you purchase a license, you are free to modify and build upon the core ExpressionEngine files. Since 2007, we’ve been helping brands like you to express them online through beautiful web design, and stunning architecture. ExpressionEngine is one of our favorite tools to accomplish the powerful content based websites development. We strategically advise our clients on the availability and use of off-the-shelf free and paid modules/plug-in/components available, in order to get up and running faster development. At the same time, we are strong contributors to the community and have strong experience in building custom Plug-in/Modules/Extensions as well to meet very specific needs of businesses which might not be available off-the-shelf. Here is the list of ExpressionEngine features:

  • Extensive online documentation
  • Custom Entry Fields
  • Entry View Tracking
  • Flexible e-mail options
  • User commenting System
  • E-Mail Anti-Span Encoding
  • Multi-user System
  • Template Caching
  • Session Management
  • Secure Form Processing

We undertake following custom ExpressionEngine development activities:

  • ExpressionEngine website setup, Design & development, Customization
  • ExpressionEngine multi-site development
  • ExpressionEngine website redesign and maintenance
  • ExpressionEngine plug-in / module / extension development
  • Shopping cart implementation with ExpressionEngine
  • Image and video gallery implementation
  • Third Party Integration with ExpressionEngine ( Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, BB Forum, Vbuletin, SSO )
  • ExpressionEngine setup over Amazon EC2 and migration to any hosting platform
  • Pixel perfect PSD to ExpressionEngine development
  • Wordpress to ExpressionEngine Migration
  • ExpressionEngine upgrade to latest version (EE3)
  • Optimization of ExpressionEngine website
  • Use of numerous add-ons like:
  • CartThrob, Freeform, Forum, Structure, WYGWAM editor, Multi-Site Manager, MX Google Map, LG Better Meta, File Manager, Imgsizer, LG htaccess generator, Fieldframe, MC Image Manager, Playa, LG Image Manager, Channel Images, Character Limit, Low’s Yearly Archive, Akismet, Google Analytics Panel, CP Analytics, SEO Lite, Channel Videos, Tags etc.
  • Everything related to ExpressionEngine development

If you have questions about building your website using ExpressionEngine CMS, we are here to help you. Please visit our portfolio that will help you to know about our expertise in this domain. Our customer satisfaction and growth is a testament to its success which is our priority.


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