iPhone/iPad APPs Development

iOS mobile operating system has been created and developed by Apple Inc. solely for its hardware. It is the second most leading mobile operating system all over after Android while presently it powers many of the company’s mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. The iOs user interface is based upon direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. Gestures are like swipe, tap, pinch and reverse pinch. App store of the iOS has touched a new landmark, it now has a billion of downloads over million apps. The new heights it has made, was a big reason which has made app development an industry in itself. All over that Apple does has a huge bang on people’s lives and their respective business.

Countenance of iOS:-
iOS has an amplifying stack of features and built-in apps which helps iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to turn into even more powerful , innovative and fun to use.

1. System Font
2. Notification Centre
3. Accessibility
4. Multitasking
5. Switching Applications
6. Siri – This service directed by the user’s spoken commands.
7. Game Center

Why to hire us:-
W3care Technologies has been in the limelight of iPhone app development with immensely skilled and experienced team for the design, testing, development and categorization. We believe in dealing best. We are passionate about our work and put our sincere potential to serve you the best.

We have developed an array of in various fields, some of them include:-

1. E-commerce and shopping Apps.
2. Education Apps.
3. Social Networking and Social Media Apps.
4. Health, fitness and Lifestyle Apps.
5. Music Apps and Multimedia Apps.
As for the client satisfaction, W3care provides a stream of continuous comprehension on the discussions, concerns and client expectations.