ExpressionEngine Extension Development in India

expressionengine extension development in india

Upgrade Your ExpressionEngine to EE3

The Ellislab has announced to retire the ExpressionEngine Version 2 from the market and then there will be no update and support from the officials. After this news all the care taker of EE2 Websites are worried for their Business and Websites. Now they have no more days, last date is 30 April, 2017.

With the retirement of the EE2, Ellislab has released the New Version of ExpressionEngine i.e EE3. So no one has to worry about the running system. You have around 2 months to upgrade your website to EE3.

Although there are some Add-ons providers those have not upgraded the Add-ons to use with EE3. Some webmaster are facing problem because due the Add-on dependency on some functionality on website either they can delete that functionality or can use different add-on with same function. To use the different add-on will force you to purchase another one and if you will remove the functionality then it will affects the traffic.

Here, W3care Technology provides ExpressionEngine extension development in India and has come up with the solution to you where you don’t need to wait for the add-ons developers to upgrade the add-on you are using from them. The W3Care ExpressionEngine extension developers in India will upgrade the website in EE3 for you and will upgrade the Add-ons too.

W3care undertake following custom ExpressionEngine extension development activities:

  • ExpressionEngine website setup, Design & development, Customization
  • ExpressionEngine multi-site development
  • ExpressionEngine website redesign and maintenance
  • ExpressionEngine plug-in / module / extension development
  • Shopping cart implementation with ExpressionEngine
  • mage and video gallery implementation
  • Third Party Integration with ExpressionEngine ( Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, BB Forum, Vbuletin, SSO )
  • ExpressionEngine setup over Amazon EC2 and migration to any hosting platform
  • Pixel perfect PSD to ExpressionEngine development
  • Wordpress to ExpressionEngine Migration
  • ExpressionEngine upgrade to latest version (EE3)
  • Optimization of ExpressionEngine website
  • Use of numerous add-ons like:
  • CartThrob, Freeform, Forum, Structure, WYGWAM editor, Multi-Site Manager, MX Google Map, LG Better Meta, File Manager, Imgsizer, LG htaccess generator, Fieldframe, MC Image Manager, Playa, LG Image Manager, Channel Images, Character Limit, Low’s Yearly Archive, Akismet, Google Analytics Panel, CP Analytics, SEO Lite, Channel Videos, Tags etc.
  • Everything related to ExpressionEngine development

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