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MODX is a free open source CMS and web framework for developing website and publishing on World Wide Web. It is written in PHP and supports SQL & Microsoft SQL Server as database. MODX was released in 2005 for the first time. Since the very first release, you can build landing page to full marketing sites. In the 2009, MODX was released as revolution because it was completely rewritten.

MODX is a powerful CMS with which you can build multi-language sites, custom vertical platforms to data providers for native iOs applications. MODX cloud was created in 2012, which is a modern hosting platform. They made functionality available for everyone, whether you are a system admin or not.

MODX was a revolution when they launched for the first time because it was a mobile responsive website builder using pure HTML/CSS. MODX is not a drag and drop CMS, you need to be handy in code.

Why Choose MODX Web Development CMS?

Every CMS empowers us to handle many changes in website without hesitating like making updates, adding and deleting new pages, and make changes to the text etc. There are many other CMS as well but most of them rely on the hundreds of plugins or addons, and somehow few of them are not secure and also degrade the performance of website.

MODX provides the ability to create HTML and CSS, and integration that does not affect website performance which results in efficiency. Modx has very user-friendly back-end manager.

There is not any CMS which 100% secure but in MODX on web server, important core files are hidden from the public folder.

Key Features of MODX CMS Development…

Key Features of Modx development

  1. Installation: Modx is very easy to install. One can download it from official website MODX in ZIP folder and extract to web folder; and there you go for build. There is not auto updater in MODX but it is very easy to update from the manager.
  2. Out of the Box Design: Modx provides the blank template to design website however one wants with hundreds of available settings. Like other CMS, Modx does not have drag and droppers, widget organizer, menu builder, template setting, and complicated hierarchy structure which obviously gives the free hands.
  3. Support Multi-site and Multi-language Websites: Modx has so many possibilities of putting your idea into live website. If you want a multi language and multi-site website then Modx is the CMS which can fulfill your needs. Modx supports Multi-language sites with separate pay-walled content with customized manager.
  4. Complex Website but Solution is Simple: MODX is popular for all kind of websites. It’s been used to develop API endpoints, blogs, business websites, brochures, forums and multi-media websites as well. It’s quite easy to use many languages; handle advance security and customizable manager for clients.
  5. Easy to Assemble Web: Modx uses elements to build a web page. Modx uses the elements such as templates, chunks, snippets, template variables and also its template tag system.
  6. User-Management: It supports SSO login, Formlt, and Rampart. You can control user subscription to threads, avatar, post counts, titles. 
  7. SEO Optimized: Modx websites are SEO optimized because you can manage Meta data, schema and slugs etc. Modx website loads very speedily.

Why Hire Modx Web Developers from W3care?

We at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd have 50+ software engineers with the experience of more than 10 years. We have team of enthusiastic and dedicated Modx developers. We have deployed number of projects for our clients successfully around the globe. We have team of experienced Business Analysts to prepare perfect strategy, team of expert designers and developers to deliver best; and experienced quality analysts who make sure that our clients get bug free websites.

We do also provide development services on other major technologies like ExpressionEngine, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. We have dedicated team for every technology we work on. Our core motive is to provide best Modx development services at reliable cost.

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  • Advantage of using Modx Development

    • Full Control of Design
    • Micro-Templates for Granular Control
    • Freedom of Own Content Structure
    • Custom Content Fields
    • Dynamic StyleSheets
    • Powerful Template System

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