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Craftt CMS is the best development oriented CMS for those whoever wants the more control and powerful performance from CMS tools. Craft is a database driven content management system which makes it a premier choice for building and managing a heavy content website. By using Craft CMS, developers have potential options to offer clients.

Craft CMS was first released by Pixel & Tonic in 2013. This company built commercial add-ons for ExpressionEngine CMS. Craft CMS is used by 0.2% of CMS websites and 0.1% of all websites & numbers are growing consistently.

Craft CMS is not a drag n’ drop site builder, one needs to be handy in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Craft does not have any theme in its marketplace but there are many plugins available to enhance the development process. Craft is scalable to build and offers many native features for several complex content management relationships.

Craft CMS is a good choice for small size websites, but it will sparkle with a large content website which has significantly multi-layered and inter-related content. 

Why You Should Go For Craft CMS Development?

Craft is a user-friendly and flexible content management system for developing custom digital experience on the website and beyond. Craft CMS is very scalable content management system and it gives a free hand of development to the Craft CMS developers. It is a self-hosted PHP 7 CMS Application and built on Yii framework. Craft CMS can connect to PostgreSQL and MySQL for storage.

Key Features of Craft CMS Development Which Makes it Better Choice…

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  • Admin Dashboard: Craft CMS also provides the back end admin dashboard for editors and authors like other CMS such as WordPress. Craft has a very simple and responsive dashboard which you can manage from any device such as mobiles and tablets.
  • Live Preview: Craft CMS allows to manage the page’s appearance while editing without re-publishing.
  • Rich Content Model: This feature of Craft CMS makes it different than others. Sections and entries in the Craft are its spines. Each entry has an author, a date, an optional expiration, and body content. It has 3 different types of sections and these are as follows: Singles, Channels, and Structures. Craft CMS offers completely configurable custom fields.
  • Multiple Users: Craft CMS allows to have multiple administrators and authors to control the content of the site.
  • Localization & Search: Craft CMS provides a built-in search feature. Currently, Craft CMS supports 15 local languages and also provide the guide to set up a localized site.
  • Built-in Support: You will be provided built-in support on the dashboard of Craft CMS site, from where you can directly submit support requests to Craft's team right from the dashboard.

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W3care Technologies is a renowned custom web development company since 2009. We have successfully worked on more than 3000 projects from worldwide countries. We have an enthusiastic and passionate team of Craft CMS developers. We have 10+ year experience in Craft CMS development and have happy & satisfied clients around the globe. We follow an agile development methodology to deliver best to our clients up to their expectation level and even above that.

We also work on other major technologies like Magento, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and Joomla, etc. We have a dedicated development team for each technology. Our core motive is to save money and time of yours while giving the best development services to the level of your expectation.

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  • Advantage of using Craft CMS Development

    • Open Source Software
    • Simple & Responsive Dashboard
    • User Groups & Permissions
    • Built-in Localization & Search
    • Full-Fledged Web Applications
    • Live Preview while Editing

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