Why Pick Magento 2 For E-Commerce Development In 2019?

Why Pick Magento 2 For E-Commerce Development In 2019?

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In the 21st century, without an online presence, it is impossible to run a successful business. The market is flooded with e-commerce platforms. There are many PHP open source platforms available in the market like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress for online storefronts with their e-commerce plugins and extensions but when it comes to shopping cart solutions for large scale business Magento is the number one in the list. It’s essential to choose nice e-commerce platform that ensures easy navigation, fast page loading, smooth integration, mobile-friendliness, and many more features. Magento has all these qualities and features which should be available in an e-commerce platform that is the main reason people prefer Magento E-commerce Development Services for their e-commerce website.

The latest version of Magento i.e. Magento 2 is the most preferred and best platform for anyone who wants to create an e-commerce business website. It has the latest features and functionalities which are required to create a high-tech e-commerce website. Magento constantly working on improving its products which makes it concurrent and futuristic. There are lots of reasons which stand out Magento from the crowd even in 2019.  Let’s have a look what makes Magento 2 so popular in the current year from the perspective of the store owner, user, and developers as well.

From the Store Owner’s Perspective:

1.Usability: Being a store owner you always think to reduce your human efforts.  In Magento 2 platform with some simple and easy steps, you can manage your entire e-commerce store configuration all by yourself.  If you want to do minor modifications in this platform then you do not need to seek help from a developer because Magento 2 is very easy to use for merchants and store owners. It solves the problem of data integrating fast and simply. Automation, inventory management, sales and order management, shipping, reporting, and many things are easy to do in this platform that’s why merchant prefer Magento 2 for e-commerce websites.

2.SEO:  A website’s online presence doesn’t matter if it is not fully optimized as per the SEO standards. Magento 2 offers SEO, SMO, Meta tags, sitemaps, keywords suggestion, URL suggestion and many SEO related features that help a merchant to increase the ranking of his website over SERP.  For product optimization, it has drag-and-drop visual merchandising which helps in the visibility of your products on the internet. It helps the owner’s in optimization related stuff that is another reason for picking Magento 2.



3. Mobile Responsive: According to stats a big part of online shopping takes place on mobile devices so it is essential that a website should be mobile responsive or mobile-friendly. In today’s mobile era where everyone carries a Smartphone and most of them buy products via their phones. Magento 2 version itself provides responsive web design services so you don’t need to spend more money on your e-commerce website responsiveness. Magento 2 offers amazing mobility functions to e-commerce store owners to keep them ahead and advanced. The mobile-friendly feature makes Magento 2 stand out from other e-commerce platforms.

4.Wider Outreach:  Magento 2 supports various languages and currencies of different regions of the world so you can do the business across the world. If you want to enhance and sell your products all over the world then Magento 2 supports you in this mission. There are numerous shipping options available so that you can’t face any difficulty in this aspect. Store owners who want to spread their online business prefer Magento 2 development services for this special feature.

5.Handle multiple websites on the same back end: One of the best advantages of using Magento 2 is that on the same back end you can host and manage multiple websites. If you want to have different online stores for different countries you can host multiple domain name and each will have different data and configuration. Through the default configuration, you can manage the main configuration of all stores. Magento 2 makes it easy to handle multiple websites with the same back end.

From the User’s Perspective:

1.Advanced Search Feature: Today’s customer is tech-savvy who buy products and services online. Magento 2 offers the advanced search feature which makes it easy for users to search the product as per their demand from entire online store. Magento ensure that the search results are filtered and accurate as per the user search term. From this advanced feature a user can discover any product no matter where is it in the online store.  It is one of the best reasons why the user prefers Magento2 online store.

2.Personalization:  With the technology advancements you can track the user behavior, what your user visits on your site, what they like or dislike. By tracking all these sessions and behavior you can provide to the user relevant products and services as per their searches. You can suggest to users products and services as per their interest and provide better options. Personalization has become an important feature nowadays. Magento2 has this advance feature which allows the store owner to provide the most relevant and personalized products to its user. Personalization feature not only enhances the user experience even increases ROI too. Personalization feature encourages shoppers to buy more which increases the conversion. Getting the relevant products as per the demand and searches makes users happy and support them in shopping.


3. Streamlined Checkout: In terms of user one of the best advantages of using Magento 2 is its smooth checkout process. No customer wants to waste their time in the checkout process after spending a lot of time in product selection. Every customer wants a hassle – free checkout process which does not save their time even pursues them to buy again from the same store. Magento2 ensure the simple and easy checkout process to the users with complete security and flexibility which reduces the cart abandon rate. Shopping on Magento2 platform from an online store is easy and secure for users.

From the Developer’s Perspective:

1.Open Source Platform: Magento 2 has all the features and benefits which an open-source platform provides. It has an open-source edition which allows access to the source code of the application. By integrating the extensions, leveraging templates, modules, training, widgets and more features the developer can build a wonderful online storefront. In the Magento platform, by taking a look at the code you can have total control of the online store. You can contact top web development company  if you want to build an online e-commerce store for your business.

2.Easy Integration: Using the Magento 2 platform is simple that’s why Magento e-commerce developers prefer to work on Magento for e-commerce stores. Yes, you heard that right Magento provides the easy integration facility to developers.  For many e-commerce stores, the integration of data is still a problem but the help of Mageto2 developers can easily integrate the data by using some third-party tools. With Magento 2 developers can also use cloud services while integrating the data.

3.Smooth & Secure: Every developer wants hassle-free programming so they can work without any problem. Magento 2 has default JQuery library which is a JavaScript library which avoids JQuery & Prototype conflicts so that all the innovative idea can be included successfully. Magento2 is the more secure platform in comparison to previous and other e-commerce platforms. Magento 2 has changed the structure of directories in the source and removed SKIN, ERROR, JS, etc. folders from the root directory. Now it has 5 folders against 9 folders in the root directory which makes it less vulnerable to any cyber-attacks. By the publishing frequent updates, Magento 2 ensures a secure e-commerce store.


4. Compatible: Magento 2 is a PHP based open-source which ensures that it is compatible with the latest versions & frameworks of PHP like Zend. It also works fine with other major databases like MySQL, Oracle while developing the websites using Magento2.

5.Speed: One another reason developers want to work on Magento 2 is its speed feature. It has been estimated that Magento2 offers 20% more speed/performance in comparison to the previous version. The performance and loading speed is greatly improved in the latest version so developers can do their work easily and smoothly.

Above are some of the reasons which stats why Magento2 is the best platform for your e-commerce store development in 2019. Now you can definitely not ignore such advantageous and helpful features of Magento 2 which can make better your e-commerce business like never before.  If you choose Magento2 for your e-commerce website development then you must have a brilliant team of Magento e-commerce developers. If you are looking for Magento e-commerce developers then you can contact us today as we have an experienced team of Magento developers who delivered many e-commerce projects to our clients. We would happy to serve you.

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