Why ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS

Why ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS

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Do you need a website for your business? Are you looking for a web development company? Do you want to know which PHP framework is best for website development? Do you want to develop an amazing website for your online business using the Open Source CMS? Are you Finding a developer who builds a website in PHP Framework which is flexible, fast, and rich in CMS? Are you looking for a commercial product built on an Open Source foundation? Are you looking for an Open Source PHP platform to get your business website more efficiently? Let's get started to give you the best of both worlds with the killer CMS i.e. ExpressionEngine. As a commercial product, ExpressionEngine is the Open Source CSM. The ExpressionEngine community is supported by a team of committed and experienced coders. So, what are you looking for as it is in the club of Open Source? Find the developer who is an expert in the ExpressionEngine's codebase? Do you know ExpressionEngine is 100% open-source CMS, transparent, and extensible? Lets network with Award-Winning W3care Technologies PVT LTD. Hire ExpressionEngine programmers, or developers, and technical support specialists. 

An Interesting fact about ExpressionEngine

Do you know the Codeigniter is an Open Source PHP framework? Do you know why CodeIgniter is used by hundreds of thousands of PHP developers around the world? Do you know, CodeIgniter has become the application framework of choice for many of the premier PHP developers in the world? Why? Don't you want to get everything in a simple way and in less time? Yes, then the CodeIgniter is the best? Why? It is because Codeigniter is a lightweight, Fast, and Open Source. Yes, it is true, and these are the words from the creator of PHP - Rasmus Lerdorf. According to the PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf who praised CodeIgniter for being lightweight and fast. So, that is why "ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS", as the core of the ExpressionEngine built on Codeigniter. So, if you are searching in Google for the best ExpressionEngine developer or wish to Find a developer who builds custom coded websites using ExpressionEngine, then let's connect with us via call +1(252)-713-7001.

Why ExpressionEngine rocks?

  • Add-on Features

    Expression Engine offers many great applications that are built into the core files. You can increase the capabilities of your site by installing one of the many modules available for download, such as an RSS feed, photo gallery and wiki. The wiki capabilities are quite spectacular and full of possibilities, depending on your site’s needs and community.

    Additionally, you can install plugins that make your site even more suited to the diverse needs of your audience. We found plugins for removing HTML formatting from text, viewing inbound links for your URL through Technorati, and displaying the top authors on a page.

  • Management

    The software’s administrative features include - 
    1. admin logs
    2. the website content stored in the channels
    3. site membership
    4. get searchable as well as search-and-replace content forums
    5. Templates use tags which used to create dynamic experiences
    6. data export, a blacklist/whitelist module
    7. In the ExpressionEngine, a page called a temple and in this put JavaScript, HTML, and PHP, 
    8. SQL and extension manager
    9. easy to run multiple websites from a single EE installation. 
    10. EE offers incredible user management features with easy to publish anywhere. 
    11. These are all tools that come standard with this content management system. In ExpressionEngine, the website content is store in the channels. 
    12. EE offers a live preview facility. 
    ExpressionEngine equips with the full complement of management elements we looked for in CMS software. This stands as a testament to how successful open source software can be. A site is only as strong as its ability to manage content, data, and users, which ExpressionEngine accomplishes with flying colors.

  • Security

    ExpressionEngine allows you to create a truly secure site where you can trust that the data you handle will be safe. The built-in framework of Expression Engine’s CMS offers you an audit trail, Captcha verifications (a plugin to determine if a comment or response is not generated by a computer), content approval and email verification. Login history is also included, and the system is SSL compatible.

    Are you looking for a secure and stable PHP Framework? ExpressionEngine is a killer Open-Source PHP framework that has never a victim of a security breach in the last 15 years of history. So if you wish to enhance your overall website security in ExpressionEngine, then follow these steps - Limit user permission, Create a password Policy, Use SSL Certificates, Update regularly, Disable Uploaded Executables, Remove Unused Applications, and Add-ons. Always use CAPTCHA Code or  CAPTCHA Words for several places on your website. In an ExpressionEngine uses captchas for the following web pages - Member Registration Form, CAPTCHA Code, Comment Forms, Contact us Forum pAge, and Signup/Sign-in pages. 
    If your website is built in the ExpressionEngine PHP framework, then it is easy to get rid of the unwanted attention from the malicious forces of the web because - Spam blockers are already in place. Nowadays, how to get rid of Comment Spamming, which is one of the common problems? There is no Golden bullet as spammers adopt new tactics. ExpressionEngine PHP framework offers multiple combinations of security features. ExpressionEngine offers a high degree of safety and security again automated spamming. These Security methods are Site Membership, Comment Time Interval, Deny Duplicate Data, CAPTCHAs, Blacklists, and Rank Denial. Let's talk with us if your ExpressionEngine website facing any security issues - Give us a Call at +1(252)-713-7001. The security features offered the ExpressionEngine PHP Framework are quite comprehensive and include the most advanced protective features offered among the CMS products we reviewed, that is why Why ExpressionEngine is one of the best CMS for the website design and development.

  • Ease of Use

    ExpressionEngine development has gained a significant following through its high level of customization and ease of use. The ExpressionEngine interface is straightforward. It offers easy to access back-end and front-end editing. It is because ExpressionEngine Software is open-source. So, are you looking for the best of both worlds, then ExpressionEngine is one of the best open-source CMS for website development. It is easy for everyone to add desired functionality for which you need to transform your ideas into reality. Even Non-Technical users or webmasters can work with ease on the ExpressionEngine PHP Framework. It is because ExpressionEngine offers a simple front-end interface with simple navigation.

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