Why ExpressionEngine is a good choice for E-Commerce Store Development

Why ExpressionEngine is a good choice for E-Commerce Store Development

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Welcome to the world of most powerful, customize, secured and reliable CMS (Content Management System) ExpreesionEngine.

In the modern days, many customers consider ExpressionEngine for their website due to incredible support and flexibility in implementation of the requirement. And it is getting better day by day.

There is no confusion either you have a small website or a big website or eCommerce store. ExpressionEngine handles your requirement and provides a better content management system which can be understand easily. This is a one stop solution for various kind of website requirements.

Simple websites are very OK when you need to manage content but this question always comes in mind, so when you are planning any E-Commerce Store and just thinking that which CMS can give you complete functionalities and fulfill all your requirement. There are many CMSs that can handle the requirement but why ExpressionEngine is best among all? You might be suggested from someone that ExpressionEngine will handle all your requests but still the question in mind, how and why this is different?

Here I am explaining that how this CMS can answer all your queries and clear your confusion to choose the best CMS, ExpressionEngine.

Before starting, here we need to understand some basic things about ExpressionEngine: -

1. Easy to install: - ExpressionEngine is very easy to install and also one click upgrade to the upgraded version.

2. Content Management: - ExpressionEngine gives you free hand to create a group (called channel) to save collection of your data. Which means, you can easily create a setup of your different collection in different group. Which means, it removes the complexity to understand that what collection of your data at what places. You can easily navigate to the group and search for the entry for later edits in your specific data.

3. Manage Fields: - It gives you to manage the fields according to your data collection. So, when you'll have multiple data for multiple collection then you can just create fields according to the data and can use. It minimize the confusion of showing only the related fields instead of the all fields.

4. URLs: - It gives you to manage the URLs and you are very independent to set the URL of each page.

You can find more detail about the basic structure of ExpressionEngine in our other article and that will surely help you to understand everything you need.

Now, the big question is. How the ExpressionEngine will handle my ECommerce Store websites? And how much it is flexible when it comes from products to checkout.

ExpressionEngine provide many modules in their community that you can easily installed as per your requirement. And from the modules, there are a module "CartThrob" which can handle all your requirement related to E-Commerece website.

CartThrob is a module that gives you a better structure even in the backend panel to track all the orders, also give you so many options for payment gateways and set the status of the orders like 'Received', 'Pending', 'Process', 'Delivered'. You are very independent to create various status which can fulfill of your requirement.

Some features: -

1. You can create products in the ExpressionEngine and manage the products and its inventory.

2. There are default fields of CartThrob and that will help to manage everything automatically in the backend and frontend. Juts you'll need to select the field type.

3. You can create variation of your products and manage the variation prices and inventory specifically.

4. You are able to choose the payment gateway as per your choice, there are many major payment gateways in the Store module itself like PayPal, PayPal Express, Stripe, Autorize.net and many more.

Also, if you want to integrate any new payment gateway which don't come in the default Store module then any ExpressionEngine developer can build and integrate that payment gateway using the third party payment gateway APIs.

5. You are able to see all the orders at one place and what process are going on with the orders using the status changes.

6. Very simple to integrate the functionality to the frontend, so you can show the complete list of your products, you can use filters, add product to cart, update cart, apply coupon and checkout.

7. Any tax or VAT can be implemented with each order or products.

8. You can check the complete report of your orders.

9. You can add shipping method and their prices accordingly.

10. You can simply create the notification of each stage.

11. You have an option to create member when someone order as a guest user and automatically sign in to the website.

When you hire any ExpressionEngine developer then they are all known about all these functionalities and can develop your website with E-Commerce Store purpose. Also, if you want to integrate any extended feature then that can be also done. Just for an example: - you can integrate RME (Return Management System) which is basically a third party service and that gives you an option to manage the refunds from the system. You can either full or partial refund of any order and then cancel the order. And everything will be managed smoothly.

So, if you are looking to get your website full freedom to work as per your expectation and requirements then this CMS has all possible solutions for that. As this is a one stop solution for your all kind of website requirements. You can easily pick ExpressionEngine to enjoy the best ECommerce website.

You can read more articles about ExpressionEngine and can understand that how the different purposes can be handled so easily with it.

Enjoy the Freedom:)

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