Why Choose ExpressionEngine for your website in 2022?

Why Choose ExpressionEngine for your website in 2022?

  • Jun 06, 2022
  • Satya P.
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Do you know that the United States is having 44% of websites built on ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is one of the most flexible and reliable open-source Content Management systems. It's recommended to use ExpressionEngine for the business to develop user-friendly & SEO Friendly Content. Because of its high features, it is the most trusted CMS used by developers all around the globe.

ExpressionEngine is one of the highly secure CMS that it never got major security breaches, and because of this, a website developed in ExpressionEngineis considered secure.


Source - Wappalyzer

Reasons to choose ExpressionEngine over other CMS

Bespoke Development

ExpressionEngine is the CMS that allows us to make some changes to the site as per the requirement. The front end can be coded the way you want. It’s free flow.

There are many Add-ons available that help you with the customization of your business website and increase its performance.


ExpressionEngine is an Open-source platform that allows users to develop websites freely.

Anyone can easily download it and create a website according to their need.

Multiple site management from a single installation

This is the reason everyone wants to build websites on ExpressionEngine. Using this feature, you can manage multiple websites from a single setup.

These websites can use New Domain, Existing Domain, sub-domain, etc.

Every site has its own identity, Template, Layout, and different channels, and all can manage from one ExpressionEngine Installation.

High Security

ExpressionEngine is one of the best Secure CMS As compared to other CMS. While comparing to others, you don't have to update Add-ons regularly. It is a feature for securing your website by using Captcha, Session Management, and Forms processing to ensure the whole security. 

ExpressionEngine is Built with Core PHP Framework so the chances of being hacked are less than other CMS.

ExpressionEngine Allow you to restrict some URLs, IP Address, or users with the help of the Whitelist/Blacklist Module. ExpressionEngine also Comes with a built-in spam tracker to keep your website spam-free and secure.


When we talk about flexibility EE comes to mind at first. 

ExpressionEngine is the platform where you can customize your full website step by step as you want instead of working on the pre-made template as WordPress. You can add many post types as you want to, without using any third-party Add-ons.


There are many CMSs available from which we can choose, but ExpressionEngine is the most popular CMS because of its Flexibility, Security, multiple site management, and other features.

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