What is CodeIgniter? The Major Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Services

What is CodeIgniter? The Major Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Services

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Online presence of a business always plays an important role in business success. Being an entrepreneur or a business owner you should always make sure that your business website is appealing as well as user-friendly. Customer engagement depends upon the better online services and a well-developed website always leaves a long lasting impression on the user. Choosing the best platform for a business website is always a complicated task. There are so many open-source platforms are available like; Yii, Laravel, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Zend and many more. Choosing one of the best from them is a scary chore. According to current market stats, CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP frameworks which are used by most of the business owner. Even developers also love to work on the Codeigniter framework due to its dynamic features. If you are not well versed with the PHP frameworks and especially CodeIgniter then know what is CodeIgniter and its advantage for web services.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a commanding PHP framework with a simple and well-designed toolkit. CodeIgniter is significantly simple and fast which makes code portable. CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks that allow you a robust, easy website and application development. It offers a valuable set of aspects to writing code from scratch. If you are thinking about a high-end website that offers ample information about your company or looking for the right platform for e-commerce website then you can rely on CodeIgniter which provide enhanced performance and stability.

Major Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development Services: Here are some major advantages of Codeigniter framework which makes you ready to choose this for your web development services:

1. MVC Based System: CodeIgniter platform is based on MVC (Model View Controller) pattern which enhances the development procedure and also offers easy integration with JavaScript frameworks. The designing part is also getting improved in CodeIgniter with the use of MVC. MVC separates input, output, and processing of an application or we can say it allows separation between logic and presentation. MVC is one of the biggest reasons to rely on CodeIgniter.

2.Easy Customization & Configuration: Another benefit of using CodeIgniter is you can easily customize the files and developers can complete the coding by using the various features of this framework. Editing the files and creating the application is quite easy in this framework for developers. Ease of customizability developers loves to work on this framework. It would be great if you consult with the professional team of developers before getting the CodeIgniter web services that can help you in getting the things done in a way as per the business needs.




3. Bug Handling: Whenever a bug-free website is required from developers they prefer to work on the CodeIgniter framework. It provides simple and user-friendly interfaces which help in detecting the errors or bugs. There is no need to wait long to rectify the errors, you can correct your errors at the time of coding. If you use this framework for your website development requirement there are lesser chances that you’ll find the errors.

4.Hassle-Free Migration: When it comes to database updates and migration it is very easy using CodeIgniter. Migration from one server to another server it is quite simple in CodeIgniter because it provides enough migration support services.  In case you feel any issue in data shifting or migration you can get the proper support from the vast community of CodeIgniter professionals.

5.No installation required:  One of the best advantages of using CodeIgniter framework is it doesn’t require installation. You can use it easily by file uploading options and other attractive features. CodeIgniter framework makes the development process easy that’s why most of the entrepreneur prefers to get CodeIgniter development services. It’s easy to upload option makes it unique from other PHP frameworks.

6.Quick Development: If you want quick development of your website then CodeIgniter is for you. It requires less code as compared to the other platforms. If you want better functionality in your website with minimal code then CodeIgniter framework is the best option for you. Without any hassle development process in CodeIgniter is quick and simple.




7. Security: CodeIgniter is a reliable platform because of its security features. The different encryption and decryption features have made this platform more trustworthy. Most of the developers prefer building e-commerce website containing payment gateway in this framework because it requires enough security features in a website. For all those who want a secure platform for web development; certainly, CodeIgniter is a good choice.

8.Easy to use:  Another reason for which developers want to work on this framework is it’s easy to use. It is licensed with MIT license so there is no extra cost to use CodeIgniter. By using the CodeIgniter framework you can do your web development task in a simpler and more efficient way. You can utilize modular programs and get a specific function through this framework. It’s easy to work on CodeIgniter framework rather than other PHP frameworks.

Once you go through the above benefits you can understand that it is an immense platform to develop an application from scratch. If you are thinking about to develop your website quickly and hassle-free than CodeIgniter is the perfect choice for you. You can contact our development team for the great Codeigniter web development services. As a well known PHP web development company, we suggest our client’s best frameworks for their website and provide affordable PHP web development services as per the requirement. Feel free to contact us today.

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