Web Development Trends in 2022

Web Development Trends in 2022

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Web is changing a lot on a daily basis. The websites are becoming faster, smoother, and more responsive. It’s becoming a key factor for Web Development Company to stay updated with the latest trends to build a website that stands out in the market. Read this article to know more about the latest web development trends in 2022.

Dark Mode

These days you have experienced that some websites are using dark mode themes. This dark mode is going to stay long in the web development industry. The dark theme is also less harmful to the eyes.

Most of the top websites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many other websites have already implemented the dark theme.

Progressive Web Applications

Most industries have already started using PWA for their website as it is an interesting feature of the new edge. PWA helps in reducing the load time for the website, has smooth functionality, and comes with a better user experience. In 2022 PWA is going to be in trend for Web Development. PWA comes in demand as it is very reliable & accessible from any device. It does not require separate mobile applications for different devices. The best examples of progressive web apps are Spotify, UBER, Starbucks, Pinterest, MakeMyTrip, and many more.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open-source developed by Google. When we talk about AMP, PWA also comes to mind. It provides a better page experience for better engagement. AMP helps in optimizing pages that load faster with a better user experience.

Motion User interface

It is a front-end framework that helps developers to develop websites & mobile applications responsively. Using this framework, you can make elements transitions. It is compatible with most technologies, and you can use it anywhere on the website. Motion User Interface is becoming popular in the last few years.

AI Chatbots

In the coming years, AI Chatbots will become so advanced that you will see them everywhere.  AI Chatbots will start using user behavior through machine learning & natural language processing.

AI chatbots also help increase user experience by collecting data, Answers, and other user issues. According to stats from Forbes use of AI chatbots has increased by 190% from 2018 to 2020.


All these are the latest trends for web development in 2022. While developing any business website, keep all these points in mind for a better user experience. Visit our web development portfolio to check our work to hire web developers from W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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