W3care Glares on the Clutch!

W3care Glares on the Clutch!

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Nobody likes an outdated website – and there’s even research to back that up.  Nowadays, it’s become more essential to cater to your customers by developing a high-quality website.

That’s why W3care is here – to make sure that your online presence is the best it could possibly be. We work hard to make sure our clients get high-quality service and receive an amazing project. We love being a part of your business’s success and growth!

Why trust us with your web development? Well, because we are one of the best web and mobile app development team in India, according to ratings and reviews B2B platform Clutch! We’ve recently received two 5-star reviews from some of our former clients, and we’d like to take this opportunity to share them with our community.

First, we developed a custom webpage for an IT company. They needed a webpage that would feed videos directly from YouTube to their site, while automatically updating as new videos were uploaded. We finished this project for them on schedule, and this project helps them save time and conserve internal resources every day!




“This particular project was important to us to save us time. Having our videos filter in from YouTube, rather than having to individually add each video to the site is a tremendous time saver.” – Denver Morton, Tecguru.co

We also heard from the principal of RawRainforest Immersion Photo Tours, a tourism company. We redesigned and restored their existing website to make sure everything was streamlined and sophisticated. We also helped them secure an SSL certification.




The client was impressed by our on-time deliverables and our detail-oriented staff!

“My project manager was very effective.” – Principal, RawRainforest Immersion Photo Tours

We’re only happy when our clients are – that’s why reviews like these are incredibly valuable to our company. They help us confirm the parts of our business that are great, and where we have room for improvement. We’d like to send a huge thank you to our entire client base for taking the time to contribute our clutch profile with their positive and constructive feedback. Our client’s trust in us and their positive feedback always motivate our team to work hard and serve the best. The evaluation and responses provided by our clients is the preeminent way we can continue to help local business grow. We look forward to helping all our current and future clients in all their upcoming endeavors.

Clutch isn’t the only place you can find us! We are also ranked on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, as a top web and mobile app developer.

Come to visit our website to contact us for your next project!

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