Using so many forms on your website for different purposes? ExpressionEngine can handle with ease

Using so many forms on your website for different purposes? ExpressionEngine can handle with ease

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Welcome to the world of most powerful, customize, secured and reliable CMS (Content Management System) ExpressionEngine.

Due to the incredible support and very customizable CMS, ExpressionEngine has become the top choice of the customers.

Small website or big website, ExpressionEngine is handling everything very beautifully and in a strong manner with their security reasons.

Whenever, you expect to start building your website then in each website, there are some common pages like About US, Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy, Contact US etc.

All the other pages instead of Contact US are basically have some static content and just an informative content. But in the Contacts US, we always think that if there could be a form and after submitting the form, I'll get notification and all the information will be saved at one place. Also, sometimes, we want to send a simple notification to the user as well.

Now, the question is, if we are planning to have a form on the website then what could be the best solution that will fulfill all the requirement and what benefits I can get withExpressionEngine and how to handle forms effectively.

So, you do not need to worry. Either it is single form or number of forms in your website then ExpressionEngine will handle everything from one place and give you all the options that you expect to have in your system.

The ExpressionEngine provides some modules like 'Freeform' which can easily integrate with your ExpressionEngine and that will give you benefits of all your websites needs.

Let's get an example of Freeform: -

1. You can create multiple forms in the website (Depends on the license that you have purchased).

2. You can create as many fields, in which you will get all kind of options like text field, textarea, dropdown, radio, checkboxes, etc.

3. The forms can be easily integrate at the frontend and if you have a custom design then you can use the tags (ExpressionEngine developers can handle this) to the template and show the form like you want.

4. You can set notification, so when the user will submit the form, the notification will be sent to the admin of the website.

5. You can customize the content in the notification template, and it is full dynamic.

6. You can create a HTML template for email notification, so instead of sending a simple content message, a HTML format of the email can be sent to the users in which you can add your company logo, signature, or anything.

7. You can also set the notification for the user and can set the HTML template for the users as well.

8. It keeps all the form submission at their separate forms, so if you have multiple forms then it will never mix the submission entry data. It always shows the data related to that form only.

9. You can check all the submission at one place.

10. You can export all the submitted data.

11. You can enable SPAM protection.

12. Freeform provide the reCaptcha already integrated in their system for bot protection. You just need to use the API keys.

13. Freeform provides some CRM integration as well, like SalesForce, HubSpot, SharpSpring, etc.

14. Mailchimp and some other mailing list can be integrated easily with Freeform.

So, you can see that all the requirements either advance or some basic, all you do meet from one point.

Not just Freeform but ExpressionEngine provide some other module like "Forms" and you can see all the requirements at one place which can easily help you to create your forms, manage notification and check all the submission at one place.

So, if you are looking to have multiple forms and to manage everything in an arrange manner then ExpressionEngine will be the very suitable CMS for you.

You can read more articles about ExpressionEngine and can understand that how the different purposes can be handled so easily with it.

Enjoy the Freedom:)

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