Top 7 Processes a Custom Web Development Company Follows to Successfully Execute Your Project

Top 7 Processes a Custom Web Development Company Follows to Successfully Execute Your Project

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We all know that if we want fruitful results we have to follow some steps and go through all processes for execution. When it comes to developing a website a custom web development company always follows some process to execute their client projects successfully. There is a combination of different elements that create a perfect website, but what matters is, retaining and converting a visitor, to a client.

When we think to build a website, our thoughts rotate around two main issues: Price & Time. These two values totally depend on the size & scope of the project. There are several steps in the website design & development process. From collecting initial information to the creation & maintenance of a website every top software development company follow the process. Let’s have a look at the below 7 Processes/steps which are mandatory to follow for successful execution of a project:

1. Collection of Information: In website designing & development process the first step is collecting the client’s requirements and checking their feasibility. There are so many things which an excellent custom web development company keep in mind when creating your website. The main motto behind the gathering of information is to know your business goal so web development companies can execute your goals through the web design & development process. So the collection of information for a project consists, what is the purpose of this project, what are their goals, target audience and much more so a website can effectively present them and achieve desired goals.

2. Planning the sitemap: After the collection of required information, at this step developers decide how the different page of your website defined and what comes under which menu and page. Basically, a sitemap is a list of web page URL’s through which a website consists of. A sitemap indicates the organized way of a website’s url and shows the user navigation steps properly. The main reason behind the sitemap creation is to build a user-friendly and easy to navigate a website so the users can find something easily that they are looking for.

3. Design the Layout: It is the most important phase when a website takes shape, where all the visual content, Images, photos & videos are designed. A simple, user-friendly & responsive website is always a first choice of client. Target audience is the most important factor to keep in mind while designing a website, because the goals of a company website differentiate the layout of a website, for example, the layout of an ecommerce website is completely different from a blogging website. At this stage all depends on designer’s creativity and how they provide best responsive web design services.  If the client is not sure about some aspects of your design, you should change according to their requirement until the customer is completely satisfied with your designed layout.




4. Development: A website’s development process starts when the client is fully satisfied with the design you created. According to some research, you should not start the development phase of a website if there is any little confusion about the website design created because it’ll create a mess at the end of development. Once the design is completed developers start the coding process. Usually, the home page is created first and all subpages are added according to sitemap or user navigation.  A custom web and app development company very well know which types of elements such as the CMS (Content management system), like WordPress, PHP or e-commerce shopping platforms can be implemented and make functional during this phase, as well.

5. Content Creation: Once the development process is started, now we have almost a clear picture of the website in mind. According to the website design layout, we can start the creation of content for the individual pages. When creating content, always keep SEO (Search engine optimization) in mind to offer value-added information to the user as well as search engines. A content that gives the detailed & right information on a particular topic not only ranks good on SERP even liked by the users also.

6.Testing & Launch: After the content creation, now you've got all your pages and defined how they display to the site visitor, so it's time to make sure it all works. Before launching the website, make sure your designer has tested the website compatibility for all browsers as well as for all devices. All the forms, buttons and everything should work perfectly. As a part of testing, it should also check that all of the code written for your website should be meet the current web development standards.

        Once everything is working perfectly, it’s the right time to upload a website to a server with FTP (File transfer protocol). It is recommended that after the launching of the website, again testing of the website should be done before delivering it to the client. Once you look everything is perfect as per the planning now you can deliver it to your client.

7. Maintenance: It is never ending process or step as we can say. A user wants something new on your website when he/she land on your website, whether it can be some offers/Discounts, new products, new pages, new images, etc. To keep your website live and engaged you have to keep your website up to date. Apart from this if there is any bug/issue relevant to your website you have to keep an eye on that and for this entire maintenance related task you will deal with designer & developers. Some good website development companies include in their package maintenance steps also for a specific period and provide you great services.

  We should keep in mind that a website development process doesn’t start with coding and doesn’t end after the day you finally launch your website. On each phase of development we have to keep in mind the desired end goals and our every step of work should be as per the planning. A good custom web development company always provides better services on each phase of development and takes the next step after the client satisfaction. Keep in mind that you can face unexpected troubles during the development process, so be ready for the challenges and keep doing!!

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