The Top 7 Reasons Why Apps Fail & How to Avoid Them

The Top 7 Reasons Why Apps Fail & How to Avoid Them

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We all know that the mobile app market is vibrant and developing rapidly. According to stats, almost 100,000 apps are added to the Google Play Store every month. But the question is how many become successful? An increase in the number of mobile apps does not mean their quality as well. Competition in the app market is high but the ratio of failure app is not low.

There are thousands of mobile app development companies that develop millions of apps in a year but the success ratio is not as per expectation. There are many contributing factors that are the reason because in a success or failure single factor is never solely liable. As the competition is high; standing out from the completion becomes tougher and tougher. So in order to get success launching an app is not enough, it is important to conduct research and find out the factors that are the reasons for apps failure. Being a top mobile app development company our professional team done some research and find out the top 7 reasons that are the major contributors in apps failure and along with them we’ve suggested some solutions to avoid those reasons.

1.Lack of Audience and Market Research: When an app gets launched everyone thinks that users will love their app but seriously is it really true? Have you researched the market and your audience? Have you checked what your competitors are doing? Is your app problem solving or making someone’s life better? The list of these types of questions long and usually people don’t give a glance at these questions which becomes the reason for the app failure. Lack of audience and market research is the biggest reason of apps got to fail.

To make an app successful a deep understanding of the audience and market is necessary. App success can’t be measured if you don’t know your end-users. So give a big though on research and once you have completed appropriate research of the market and audience your app can be developed as per the collected data. If you are going to hire mobile app developers for your app then make sure you have researched properly and collected the required data so your app won’t have to face failure.

2.Choosing the Wrong Platform: Another reason apps get fail because the platform you choose is not right as per your researched data. Yes, choose the platform of your app not as per your choice but opt it according to your researched audience and market so it can be useful for the people you are targeting. Users get frustrated when they don’t get what they want and leave your app within a second. We all know that Android and iOS are the major platforms but choosing one from them is too complicated and the wrong decision of choosing a platform for your app becomes the reason for your app failure. 

Focus on that what features you want your app to have. Do those features really provide satisfaction to your users? Give a big thought on the app size store as well as your target location because choosing the best platforms for your app depends on the number of users using the android or apple app. Choosing the right platform for your app can be a good factor in contributing to your app success.

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3.Poor Performance & User Experience: What makes an app unsuccessful? Of course poor user experience. Users decide what is worthy and unworthy in your app. If a user faces any hurdles to perform basic functions on your app and found it difficult to continue with some easy it means that your app performance level is zero and the result is poor user experience. The app market is flooded with millions of apps but the success ratio is depending on the user experience. If a user faces some basic troubles while using your app like long load times, slow app performance, long registration process, and many others then make sure your users are not happy with your app that results in your app failure.

A successful app is one that benefits users. If a user is going to your app frequently then it is a good sign of your app success. If you don’t want to face these types of issues while launching your app then make sure you have properly described the above some basic issues to the mobile app development company which you are hiring so that they can resolve the issue along with the development process. You can focus on simple app designs because people always feel comfortable while dealing with these kinds of apps.

4.Improper Testing: An app with bugs’ impact user experience which leads towards negative reviews and the more negative reviews increases the number of apps uninstalls. When a user downloads your app they have high expectations for app quality, privacy, performance, and functionality. If you can’t fulfill them then there is no worth of your app in simple words. Although it is rare that an app is launched without minor bugs but the high number of bugs leads your app towards failure.

In the success of an app, there is a big role of the QA team. If an app is not tested deeply and properly then there are the high chances of remaining bugs in the app and an app with bugs impacts the user experience. If you are going to launch your app then make sure that your app has tested properly. For this contact with your custom web & app development company and asked them to provide the best QA services so that you don’t have to face any app failure. Proper testing of the app leads towards the great user experience which is the major factor of an app success ratio.

5.Poor Execution of Mobile App Launch: We all know the first impression is the last impression and it follows the in-app market too. Yes, the mobile app marketing strategy plays a significant role in the app’s success. Entrepreneurs and businessmen focus on app development but forget about the marketing strategy. And because of this, they face app failure. The time of app launching is the most critical time where you have to focus more. If you don’t do so people lose interest in your app and the result will be the failure of an app.

To get success in mobile app market create good impression of your app among the audience, highlight features of your app and let people know what problems can be solved through your app, elaborate them how your app is different from other similar app and how it benefits users and more functions and features which can leave a long-lasting impression on users. If you are going to launch your app soon in the market then make sure you are following all the necessary steps of marketing so you don’t have to face failure in the near future. You can use social media tools also to promote your app among users.

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6.Improper Monetization Strategy: As per the stats 80% of mobile apps developed due to generate revenue. Revenue comes from a successful marketing strategy. Most people think that they will design and develop an app, they will market it and get regular viewers and downloads and get the revenue. But getting the revenue is not possible without a proper and well-planned monetization strategy. Another reason for mobile apps gets fails because their owners don’t plan and implement a monetization strategy.

We all know that people won’t pay if they get the same features in another app for free. But a well-planned monetization strategy benefits you for the long term. So if you want to get good revenue then do your own research, analyze your competitors and find out on which features they are getting revenue, implement monetization strategies as per the researched data and requirements like; Freemium, Ads, Corporate sponsorships and more. A proper monetization strategy will never let you down in the app market.

7.Not Familiar with ASO: ASO (App Store Optimization) could be another reason for app failures. If you have fixed all the above mistakes and still your app is not getting success then ASO is big factor that can help you. Many business owners and entrepreneurs are there who don’t know about ASO in deep and maybe you are one of them. If you are not using ASO for your app then it might be a reason for your app failure.

ASO is used for improving the rank of your app in the app store. As SEO works for web ASO works for apps. App store optimization improves your app rank in the app store whether it is Google Play Store or Apple Store according to the operating system. It increases the number of downloads, ratings, and reviews of your app. So after launching your app give a deep thought on ASO for your app and progress your app towards success.

The performance of an app depends on many factors from the array of marketing budget to the competition but if you are already prepared with the factors why apps fail and avoid them in advance then you are just some steps away to get the success in the mobile app market. So hiring a mobile app development company doesn’t mean you are done; you have to discuss all above the points with developers and marketing teams. So keep in contact with developers during the app development process. If you have any next-gen app idea in your mind and want to create this then we are here to turn your idea into reality. Yes, at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we have a professional team of mobile app developers for both Android and iOS who have completed many app development projects successfully. Feel free to contact us; we always would like to serve you!

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