Symfony Meet up Organized in India for the First Time!

Symfony Meet up Organized in India for the First Time!

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Symfony is one of the fastest growing and popular PHP Framework platforms. Symfony gives the free hands of development and features. According to statistics, Symfony is being used by more than 104,944 websites throughout the worldwide countries for broad categories of business. Symfony has more than 110 Symfony packages to download and use.




Symfony meetup is the best opportunity to know Symfony better and its features. Symfony has never organized any tech meetup in India. This is the first time ever that they have organized Symfony meetup in India in December, 2018.

We are very pleased to hear this announcement that “Symfony meetup is going to be organized in India for the first time ever”.

Symfony India meet up will be only about Symfony and its ecosystem features. This great meet up will be organized by Webkul’s enthusiastic team. It is held on 15th December in Noida. This meetup will last only for one day from 11:00 O’ clock in the morning to 6:00 O’ clock in the evening.

There will be many famous speakers, who are going to unfold the many layers of latest about Symfony and its ecosystem. Fabien Potencier will be remotely speaking about "What's new in Symfony 4". Kamit Kokot, Software Engineer at Sylius, and Wojtek Krzyzowski, Business Solution Architect at Oro Inc will also be speaking in the Symfony meetup.

This meetup will be completely free of cost. It’s really a great opportunity for Symfony developers to meet each other to discuss about platform, architecture, innovations and exchange ideas as well. In this meetup, we will get to know latest trends in ecommerce ecosystem and strategies to improve product management capabilities. It will be also a good chance to learn that how to write more efficient code for e-commerce website.

During this meetup, we will also learn about how to improve performance of website with

All inclusive, this is a bizarre occasion to meet with Indian Symfony Community and listen the talks about Symfony and its advanced benefits to an eCommerce. In addition, it will be also discussed that “How can Indian Symfony Community grow”.

Below are the topics which will be included in the meet.

  • Introduction
    • Where PHP community is heading?
    • Introduction to Symfony and why Symfony?
    • Using Symfony to overcome eCommerce challenges.
    • How does Symfony help businesses that aren't entirely web oriented?
  • What are the Building Platforms in Symfony?
    • Appointment Scheduling Software [Booking Commerce]
    • Building Integrations [Akeneo PIM Connectors]
    • Customer Support [UVDesk Helpdesk]
    • Building CRM [OroCRM]
    • eCommerce Framework [Sylius]
  • Migration from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4
    • Micro-service vs Monolithic
    • Unit Testing
    • Async Operation
  • How flexible can a Symfony application be when it comes to integrating with other tools?

We hope, you all will enjoy attending this first ever meetup and learn many new facts about Symfony, and also brush up your techs.

Venue of the Symfony Meetup 2018:

Webkul Software

A.67 Sector 63 
Noida U.P 
IN – 201301

Date: 15-December, 2018

Time: 11 AM – 6 PM

We, at W3care Technologies have been providing Symfony development services since 2010. Our team of expert Symfony developers are enthusiast and always passionate to learn new in the technology. Our Symfony development team welcomes the Symfony community to India.

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