Release Candidate for WordPress 5.0 is Now Available!

Release Candidate for WordPress 5.0 is Now Available!

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According to statistics, 80 % of the web is powered by PHP. There are 59.5% websites powered by WordPress of all CMS and 32.5% powered by WordPress of all websites. In nowadays scenario, WordPress is the most powerful and rapidly growing CMS towards new features, security measures and also adapting the new technologies.

Now they have announced that they are going to release WordPress 5.0 very soon with excellent features. But for now they have released WordPress 5.0 release candidate on 23rd Nov 2018 and second WordPress 5.0 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) was released on 30th Nov 2018.

The core purpose of releasing the Candidate release is the testing by WordPress developers’ community, so they can deliver the only best and bug-free new version to their users.

Results of first candidate release of WordPress 5.0 appeared stable, so possibilities are high that we will be working on WordPress 5.0 soon. There is a WordPress Beta Tester plugin, which can be used to try and test the WP 5.0 or download from here (zip).

Recently posted a blog by Matt Mullenweg, in which he stated that “they might release WordPress 5.0 on date December 6th, 2018 along with the release of PHP 7.3 version”. 


Now there must be something clanking in the mind that what would be there in WordPress 5.0?

WP 5.0 introduced the new block based post editor, this feature is already been used on more than 1 million websites and now this is ready to be used on all WordPress websites.

This new feature is a really great step toward a streamlined editing experience throughout the whole site. This will enable us to have better control over the content displayed with more flexibility, though you are a naive user or WP geek.

There will be still a few sites, which would need extra time to adopt this feature though. If there is anyone who wants to continue with classic post editor after upgrading to WordPress 5.0 then please install classic post editor.

Twenty Nineteen is the new default theme in WordPress 5.0. Twenty Nineteen is perfectly designed to fit for all cases of your needs whether you are looking for a photo blog, new business site or any non-profit organization site, its flexible for every site.

Though block editor is a big change in WP 5.0, this is not all. There are also many small changes which were made in this version. And those changes are as follows:

  • All the preceding default themes, from Twenty Ten to Twenty Seventeen, have upgraded to support new feature of block editor.
  • Accessibility of content has improved, now simple ARIA labels can be saved in pages and posts.
  • Officially WP 5.0 supports PHP 7.3 (Expected release at 6 Dec, 18), and if you are using the older version of PHP then it’s suggested to upgrade PHP version.
  • Now developers are able to add directly translatable strings to JS (JavaScript) code, by using new JS language packs.

Significant Changes

  • Rendering of AdminNotices compatibility component has been because as this previous attempt at backward compatibility was bringing in numerous incompatible banners and notices from plugins.
  • An update to the parser to better deal with malformed HTML that could cause a loop. WP community is only aware of this in the wild being triggered once in the over a million posts made with Gutenberg, but it caused a loop so we wanted to fix for RC2.

For Plugin and Theme Developers:

It is a suggestion to your plugin and theme developers that please test themes and plugins against WP 5.0 and update to the version. If you face compatibility issues, then please do post to support forums, so it will get resolved prior to the final release of WordPress 5.0. And developers’ in-depth guide to changes will available soon on the core development blog. Till then, you can go through WordPress 5.0 developers’ notes.



WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate and Release Candidate 2 are available now. According to Matt Mullenweb, they might release WordPress 5.0 on 6th December 2018. It’s very important and new feature is new block post editor. We also have an expert team for WordPress website development services. We took their reviews about this and they seem very excited for this new version of WordPress 5.0 because this is going to solve many hurdles. So let’s find out together “How good this feature is?” and “what else this new version is going to bring?”

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