Mobile Optimization Initiative for Merchants by Magento

Mobile Optimization Initiative for Merchants by Magento

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Magento is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform built as FOSS (Free Open Source Software) which provides merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, complete control over the design, content, and functionalities of the online store. Magento offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and catalog management tools as well.

Magento e-commerce CMS is used by 1.9% of all CMS websites and 1% of all websites. Magento is renowned for the best Magento ecommerce development services. Magento is spreading its wings consistently and providing the more and better features to the store owners.

A few days ago, Magento introduced the mobile optimization initiative for merchants because retailers of every size have a common problem of converting sales on mobiles. While on the other hand, smartphones are continuing to increase their numbers as a primary choice for consumers to shop online. Conversion ratio on mobile shopping is far more than desktop shopping conversion ratio. Previously it was 3.37% conversion rate on the desktop with an average size of a basket of 142 USD, whereas conversion rate on smartphones was 1.24% with an average size of a basket of 111 USD.

In the beginning, these miss out sales do not bother much but later you will realize that you can’t bear this loss on monetizing consumers’ time on the smartphones; especially, when they head out for holiday.

So to help the retailers in getting over this situation and cover this m-Commerce gap, Magento community launched Mobile Optimization Initiative led by technology partners HiConversion and PayPal. For this, technology partners conducted over 250 experiments resulting in three million data points from merchants worldwide.


It’s very important that retailers deliver unforgettable mobile experience across every aspect of customer engagement. Besides, the checkout experience on mobiles is still a critical task for every company. Because it is found in a study that a customer would never hesitate to abandon the cart if he/she find the difficulties in the checkout process.

Now, this Mobile Optimization Initiative offers companies a funnel assessment for complimentary mobile checkout, optimized campaign design and implementation, & professional services throughout the active program.

Whoever is the participant merchant, will benefit from:

  • Analytics by HiConversion to detect “Friction Points” in Merchants’ checkout funnel and to formulate data driven test hypothesis.
  • A series of A/B testing that they run as single optimization campaign.
  • Adaptive algorithms are very useful to optimize the .
  • There will be a report encompassing results and actionable insights.

The Mobile Optimization Initiative works with 12 system integrators which provide professional services including Web 2 Market, Redstage, Razoyo, Something Digital, Imagination Media, Wagento, ICUBE, JH, Gene, IWD Agency and Lima Consulting Group.

Merchants will get the support in the Mobile Optimization Initiative which would surely help them to capture billions of dollars in the revenue of online merchants. Till October, average revenue of merchants was increased by 7.5 percent.


It’s a great fact that no company can alone solve the gap of M-Commerce, but with the community, it is possible to solve. Magento community is vigorous and collaborative which is dedicated to improving the buying experience of everyone. From merchants and designers to developers and system integrators, Magento community has come all together to address this M-commerce gap challenge. By implementing the innovative tech of HiConversion, system integrator partners helped merchants to implement and run this experiment to deliver higher conversion rates and improved buying experiences. 

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