Mobile App Development- 8 Benefits for Modern Businesses in 2019

Mobile App Development- 8 Benefits for Modern Businesses in 2019

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As we all know that there was a time when mobiles phones were used as a way of communication but in today’s world we can’t imagine our life without mobile phones. With just a single click from online shopping to ticket confirmation, every task can be completed through a mobile app. The mobile market is growing rapidly and the users of the smart phone constantly increasing. With the increasing number of mobile users business owner taking advantage of this and understand that a mobile app is something they need.

A business is incomplete without a website and an app. If we look at stats every second person purchases their required things and services online. If business owners want that their business should be successful and want more leads then a mobile app for their business is necessary. Mobile apps are one of the best powerful tools to connect with the targeted audience in reference to business. It doesn’t matter what is the size and scale of a business a mobile app can serve many business objectives. If you are a business owner and still thinking about whether you should create a mobile app or not for your business then have a look on the below benefits/advantages that a mobile app can provide for your business.

1. Sales Growth of Company:  In today’s world most of the tasks are completed by mobile phone whether it is shopping, bill payments, advance booking or anything else. According to research mobile apps are more convenient for shopping and online payments rather than websites. That’s why customer prefers mobile apps for online shopping. If you have a business and don’t have an app for the same then hold on your other tasks and hire mobile app developers right now to make an app for your business. As per stats, a mobile app can increase your sales by almost 40% as most of the people spend their time on their smart phones. Through your business app, you can contact your customers directly who installed your apps and offer them some discounts on your products and services. One of the best advantages of mobile app development for small businesses is that they can stay in touch with their customers and pursue them to purchase the products and services by offering discounts and special offers.

2.Increase Brand Recognition: Another benefit of having an app for small business is it increases brand recognition among the people. Without a mobile app, you might appear outdated or not aware of modern trends. This can have an indirect impact on your business performance and future prospects. Ratings, review, social media integration, customer support, and loyalty program some of are the best app features in terms of user’s perspective. These features help in brand recognition. Even the app icon of your business on your customer’s phone keeps reminding them about your products and services.


3. Improve Customer Loyalty & Engagement: We all know that mobile apps are more interactive and engaging in comparison to business websites. As mobile users are increasing day by day the level of engagement is several times higher on mobile apps than normal websites. A mobile app creates a direct connection between business and customers which increases the engagement level. Sharing the review, ratings, suggestions, complaints, and user review on the website and social media channels is quite easy through a mobile app. A top mobile app development company can integrate various features as per your demand to improve customer services.

4.Facilitate Communication: Mobile apps are one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. Real-time communication, pushup notifications, targeted messages, offer notifications and more ways are there to keep your customer in touch with your business through a mobile app. If you have a business app you have various ways to attract your customer through marketing campaigns. A mobile app is a big source to facilitate communication in many ways between business and its customers.

5.Boost Website Traffic: Google and other search engines are placing a higher emphasis on mobile apps. If your business app is properly optimized for the app store then you can get a huge amount of traffic to your website along with the more app downloads. With proper app store optimization, you can reach a huge audience and enhance your online visibility. Mouth publicity and social sharing is also a good option to make your app famous among people and get website traffic. According to stats, 65% of people approach business on mobile rather than desktop or any other device. With the increasing number of mobile users, your website traffic also increases.


6.Offer Competitive edge: A business owner needs to make sure that his business is staying in front of the crowd at all times. If you are a business owner and don’t have a mobile app then make sure you have it as soon as possible otherwise in today’s technology world where every second human being spends their most of the time on the mobile phone, your business should not be going to fall behind. Having a business app is not all enough it should be updated regularly so the user can also be updated with your latest versions of the app. Regular app updates can help you retain customers on the app and can have a competitive edge over your competitors who do not have a business app yet.

7.Audience Building: Mobile app is the best way to establish relationships with your customers it doesn’t matter where they are in the world. If a person has your mobile app in his/her phone then he does not need to remember your web address. Your customer can reach you with just a single click by tapping on your app icon even when they don’t have an internet connection.Through a mobile app, you can send various discounts, offers and other information which makes them engage with your business and they also can refer your app to their known person for installing the app.

8.Open New Revenue Channels: Mobile app of your business also can be a source of your extra revenue. Your business app can be monetized through in-app advertisements by introducing paid features or attaching a price tag to the app. After the right optimization of your business app you can show their advertisements after fulfilling the requirements which are great source of revenue. A business app not only increases the number of viewers it also open the new channels of revenue for your business growth.

With the constant changes in the mobile app development businesses are moving towards building a mobile app in order to retain their position and increase their visibility. If you are a business owner and don’t have an app for your business then instant contact a top Mobile app development company which can make your business app and accomplish your requirements. By having a mobile app of your business you can experience all the advantages listed in this article. A mobile app is good investment for your business that can give your business a high return. If you want to get above all advantages and looking for best mobile app development services then you can contact W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we have a dedicated team of iOS and android app developers who assist entrepreneurs to meet the challenges and growing competition.

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