Key Misconceptions you should neglect about WordPress Development

Key Misconceptions you should neglect about WordPress Development

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WordPress is the most popular CMS out of other CMS (content management system) available. According to statistics, it is found that 32.4% of internet is powered by WordPress. Still though, everyone is not comfortable with extensive range of functionalities offered by WP. There are worse things, crawling on internet which resists you to go for WordPress development. Many bloggers are unable to find benefits of WordPress so they creating lacunas of WP, only on assumptions.

Luckily, these kinds of misconceptions and myths do not hold water for long. In reality, WP is an amazing fit for every kind of websites, and when you develop for WordPress, it’s a breeze. To debunk the misconceptions you have come across, obviously therefore is a key.

There are few myths about WordPress development which are very popular online. You will be able to debunk myths after this article and have new perspective about WordPress.

So let’s get started…

#1 Myth: You Get What You Pay for in Open Source Solutions

For the many laypersons, open source software basically means “completely free”. Few others may think that WordPress doesn’t provide the support because of open source solutions. Several times, it has been observed that if person had a bad experience on other open source then also they blame WordPress.

Assumptions are usually made on the basis of incomplete information. As we all know about WordPress as developers that WP is entirely different from above mentioned. In a nutshell, there are plenty of elements which aid developers and users to dig out the platform. And these are such as:

  • WordPress Codex
  • GitHub, to explore apart present themes and plug-ins. And obviously, enables the platform’s development.
  • WordPress also provides the support documentation with official theme, Plugin and reset guidance.

There are many tools which are open source and consistently maintained along with helping development. For example, WP Plugin boilerplate generator is an excellent tool for developing quality Plugins with satisfying the WP standards.

And about the support from WordPress, whether you choose to correspond with individual developer or WP related forums, there is no lack of support.

#2 Myth: WordPress is only a Blogging Platform

Out there in the crowd, many people think that WordPress is just blogging platform and those people are who never worked on WordPress. We can say that in the beginning WP is surrounded by most of bloggers. But it has become a full fledged CMS (Content Management System). Today, we can see, there are every kind of sites are developed and designed on WordPress like music, entertainment, and applications.

WordPress has lot to offer to developers above other CMS platforms. The most important reason behind this is its flexibility and extensibility. Though now, WordPress has become the favorite choice of small and medium size businesses. There are many wordpress website development services provider in the global market, which are working in WP since long and achieved a great position in the market.

So finally, you should make your potential customer to consider WordPress. You will have to make them understand beneficial features of WordPress.

#3 Myth: Website Customization in WordPress is difficult

This misconception really sounds like a fun. I mean, seriously who are these people who spread these kind of rubbish. Many people don’t have any experience on WordPress and still spread the words like they have worked on the platform for quite of time and didn’t have good experience.

They speak to other people and tell them that WP sites are completely built on templates, and templates cannot be customized. But you should know the difference between themes and templates. It’s obvious that themes rule over the complete visibility of site but templates are like bolts and nuts to make how it will render.

Over all, we are guessing that this misconception would have happened because the facilities of changing theme at very ease and availability of large number of themes. So with the availability of vast number of choices, there are very little reasons to bother for customization because you can easily choose a perfect one for your needs.

By the way, anyhow customization of WP theme is not hard. Customization is not only limited to front-end customization and even you can do customization of back-end. 

Even WordPress empowers to customize the theme using page builders, this way clients can handle small changes by their own. If you teach them that how to do make changes to theme, then it will surely improve the relationship and also make it long-term.

#4 Myth: WordPress has outdated and generic looks

Many people think that WordPress provides outdated look for the website. But as we discussed in the previous point that you can host beautiful, flexible, and modern look websites. WordPress is also embraced with responsive designs over many years along with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Responsive designing is very important factor in modern website designing. Most WP themes are responsive by default.

Overall, WP sites can look as generic or as vivid as you would like. The only barrier is your creativity and coding skills – this will also be eradicated with research timely.


Non-wordpress developers have these kinds of myths which lead them in wrong way. Once you begin developing on WordPress, you will see these myths flying away.

I hope this article would have helped you to debunk the myths. Let’s have a quick look at the reality of these myths:

  • WordPress community provides excellent support.
  • WordPress is an outstanding platform for every kind of organization.
  • Customization of WordPress website is very easy and any kind of restriction can be overcome by little practice.
  • WordPress can be the perfect choice for responsive, modern and unique looking site.

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