Joomla 3.9 is Live with Privacy Tool Suite

Joomla 3.9 is Live with Privacy Tool Suite

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Joomla is one of most popular CMS (Content Management System). Joomla is compatible for any kind and any size of the website. It is supported by a large ecosystem. Joomla is used by 5.5% of content management system websites and 3.0% of all websites.

Joomla has always been chosen for a development project, because of its pros and features which make website development lot easier. Joomla is a flexible, easy to extend, and customizable CMS according to your requirement. It has many more features like it is SEO optimized already, free open source software, and also support multilingual feature in the website.

So to make it better, Joomla 3.9 was released on 30 October 2018 and it has ‘privacy tool suite’. This new release has many improvements to provide more efficient development. This release will surely improve the Joomla development services and ability to manage the content with privacy. This release brought more than 250 improvements in Joomla CMS and Joomla 3.9’s core feature is a full privacy tool suite. This tool suite makes the site compliance faster and simpler.

Now let’s find out what’s new in Joomla 3.9…

Basically, I would rather say that this release is more about privacy. In 3.9 version of Joomla, a privacy tool suite is a core concern.

USER Consents: Make light work of data privacy requirements

It has been a while that you require your user’s consent to your T&C or/and privacy policy. But now it will be taken care by Joomla 3.9 automatically. It’s easy and simple to setup core forms to request consent prior to collecting personal data. You can also manage expiration time and renew time of consent form. You can easily track consents of users and manage policy changes at a glance of your dashboard.

Easy-Peasy Request of User Information

Now it is possible to manage and track information access or removal requests from users without any hurdle. You can export their complete data or/and remove them after just logging in.

All removal requests of user data are handled automatically, without any effort. You just need to set Joomla 3.9 to remise you.

Capability of Extension

Whenever it is about privacy, always put your users on priority.  Extension developers should provide a helping hand to potential users and make them clear that what data your extension will collect. Now whenever you need privacy consideration functionality in extension, then you can easily use new Plugin Event (onPrivacyCollectAdminCapabilities).

While using this Plugin, your users will gain an understanding of your extension that whether they will need to rephrase their documentation for e.g. privacy policy or terms.

User Actions Log: Know who’s done what, and when

Are you curious to know about that what admin actions have been taken on your website? If yes then thanks to the new release of Joomla 3.9. Now superuser can easily check that which user did what and when. This feature also works supported extensions. You can easily review the action log, export and purge the entries.

Now you will never miss anything and for this thanks to the latest module which can be simply added to the control panel. If you need more then enable the new log rotation blog and this will let you rotate and isolate the log files of yours. 

Joomla 3.9 is not only about all the privacy, but it also has other updates as well and these are as follows:

  • CMS made fast and easy because little features can make big differences.
    • Now you can add notes to your articles in the back end and filter them as well.
    • There is a search feature in the backend, so you can search for the article.
    • Now it’s easy to load a module in an by ID.
  • More flexibility is available for the field:
    • Now repeatable custom fields are available.
    • You can also create alternative layouts to fit into your needs.
  • Front-end changes:
    • Now you are able to display an or full image in newsflash module.
    • Now you are able to show articles from specific author and by many more options using article module.
  • Features for multilingual sites:
    • There is a new toolbar button to edit associations.
    • Now you can display your tags as per language.
  • You are able to use Google invisible reCAPTCHA on website.
  • Argon2id Password supports now.

To learn more about the release visit the Joomla 3.9 site. If you have difficulties in using new features of Joomla 3.9 then go through the Joomla 3.9 documentation.

Conclusion: Joomla 3.9 was released on 30 Oct 2018 with the core feature of “privacy tool suite” and along with other small features as well. They have also released Joomla 3.9.1 on 27 Nov 2018 and this release has 40 bug fixes.

I hope this article helps you to understand the new features of Joomla 3.9. We’re recognized as a top Website Development Company on DesignRush and also have a team for Joomla web development services and after taking reviews from our team, I can tell that it’s amazing.

So best of luck to all Joomla developers, who always seek new in the technology.

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