iOS15 - what’s new feature included?

iOS15 - what’s new feature included?

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iOS 15 Beta version was launched in June 2021, bringing extensive interface changes, security fixes, and new features to the iPhone operating system. The update officially began rollout on 20 September 2021.

iOS 15 Issues

It's worth waiting for any issues to be ironed out before you install the latest update to iOS. Normally we encounter complaints about battery drain issues, app crashes, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection problems.

Before Installing the update of iOS 15  you must know what are the issues you are going to face after updating it. Because as you all know when any device gets a new update everyone complaints about some issues like Battery drain, connectivity problem, app crashes, and many others.

Battery Drain Issue

The system will have to go through the process of re-indexing the data after updating to a new operating system version. This can seriously affect your battery life. However, this is temporary. After update using iPhone for a few days and you will get back your normal battery life back.

Mute issue

Some users are reporting mute audio problems while using different apps, issues they are getting are when they put their phone on the silent mode they are not able to listen to the audio until they put their phone on general mode, and especially the issues are on using Instagram and youtube. And all these issues are coming after updating to iOS 15.

Insufficient memory

After updating to iOS 15 many users are getting insufficient memory warnings to their devices.

Notification issues

Some users are also complaining about the notification issue that they are not getting notifications delivered from apps like slack and outlook.

Which iPhones will get the iOS 15 Update?

If you are looking for which iPhone is getting the latest iOS 15 updates so here is the list you can check:

iPhone 6s, iPhone6s Plus, iPhone SE (2016, 2020), iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone Pro, iPhone Pro Max and iPod touch (7th Gen)

All these devices are going to get the iOS 15 update and iPhone 13's all models will now come with the latest iOS 15.

New iPhone features in iOS 15

  1. FaceTime
  2. Focus
  3. Wallet
  4. Maps
  5. Live Text
  6. Siri
  7. iCloud+


This time so many changes are coming in FaceTime, Apple is adding Spatial Audio which will let the participants know from where the audio is coming and there are options for mic i.e. Voice Isolation which will make sure your voice comes loud and clear. This uses machine learning to block the background sound that is distracting.

Also, there is an option of Wide spectrum that will include all the background noise. Now you can have FaceTime with anyone either they are having iPhone or an Android Device. You can share your FaceTime URL and anyone can join through the web browser and enjoy the call with you.

Apple also provides a new interface that will allow you to opt for portrait mode while using Facetime.

FaceTime also includes a new feature that is sharePlay now while having FaceTime you can switch to any application and FaceTime will be using picture-in-picture mode and you can enjoy the app with everyone who is in FaceTime


This is a feature similar to the Do Not Disturb but having many features, In this, You can create multiple bundles of settings that will help you in focusing on your work according to the place where you are like you can focus status, availability, notifications and apps arrangement according to the requirement.

Another feature that will help in focusing is background Noise, This feature generates different background sounds that include ocean, river, water, and rain.


As an extension of Wallet, Apple will incorporate keys a feature that is particularly handy for hotel keys and workplace keys, and a general use ID card, which Apple says will be accepted by airports.


The new version of Apple's Maps looks really good. It has additional details about roads, like turn lanes, bus lanes, taxi lanes, and bike lanes. It is also having an attractive nighttime view, too.

Live Text

By tapping on the highlighted text in a photo, Live Text intelligently unlocks useful information, and you can call someone, send an email or find directions. The live text also works on the Camera App so you just need to point your camera on the text and you can take action as per your need. Also Now you can translate text by just selecting the text and it understands seven languages so you can simply Tap and translate the text according to your suitable language.


The speech recognition on Siri is built into the device itself, so the audio of your requests is processed there by default. Siri can also be used without an Internet connection because on-device processing takes place at the device level.


As we all know if we talk about privacy and security Apple always provides the best one so when we talk about iCloud it always stores important information like your documents, notes, and photos, and Now iCloud+ is going to provide you with a new experience with new features that include iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email and expanded HomeKit Secure Video support.

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