In-car internet ‘to become norm’ in survey about future

In-car internet ‘to become norm’ in survey about future

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John Leech from KPMG says some car manufacturers are already making “connected” cars.

“The recent collaboration between Toyota and Intel was announced at the end of last year,” he said.

“Intel claims that the connected car is the third-fastest growing technological device, following smartphones and tablets. For a car maker that offers huge potential.”

Audi has developed a built-in 3G wireless in its A7 and will extend it to other new models.

“The connected car concept is well and truly here” added John Leech.

Hybrid cars will also get the most investment over the next five years according to 53% of the car executives surveyed.

But 61% also believe developments in normal petrol and diesel engines will still be attractive offering consumers greater efficiency and CO2 reduction.


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