Managing multiple passwords in today’s world

Managing multiple passwords in today’s world

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A Password is typically a sequence of characters used to confirm a user’s identity. It’s being used since the earliest days of computing. It has been even used since ancient times. Passwords act as a key to provide access to vital information over the computer, network, or over the internet.  It’s vital to manage and keep your passwords secure to prevent unauthorized access. 

It’s a well-known fact that one should not use the same password for multiple accounts. Sometimes it becomes hard to manage multiple passwords as many users have accounts on different platforms like Personal emails, Workplace Emails, Entertainment, Online Stores, And many other accounts. A survey suggests that a typical user has around 100 passwords.  

Now the question comes to mind how to make a password that will be easy to remember, and hackers will not find it.

So, when it comes to keeping your password strong, unique, and manageable, here we are sharing some tips on managing your passwords. 

Managing Multiple Passwords

When creating a hard password that will be difficult to guess and easy to remember is not easy and especially when you have to remember multiple passwords. And you can sort this out by using Password Manager you can store all your passwords under one App. 

Here are some of the best ways to manage passwords:

Using a Password Manager

As the name suggests Password Manager is used in managing all your passwords in one place, and if you are using this you don't need to remember multiple passwords you just have one password to remember.
Using a cloud-based password manager will be easy to access from any place.

Timely Change Passwords

After Getting all your passwords in one place another best way to keep your data secure is by updating your passwords from time to time. 

the longer you keep the same password the chance of getting hacked is higher. We prefer that your passwords need to be updated as you keep other things up to date.

Avoid Saving passwords in your Browser

Whenever you log in to a site you always see a pop-up to "save your password in the browser". After reading this article you will never save your passwords in the browser. The browser you are using has an option that allows you to view all your passwords, and no one can say that it is fully secured to save your personal information.

Two-Step Verification

When you sign up for an account, and there is an option available for setting up two-step verification you should do that. This will help you in securing your account once you set up a two-step verification after that whenever you log in to your account you need to send a code to your phone number or need to answer some security questions. Even if your password is very-strong two steps help you to add another level of security to your account and make it impossible for hackers to access your account.

Now some Tips for making your password stronger

After following all major steps to secure and manage your account you must have to create a strong password. Here are some tips for you to create a strong password.

Don't use Name, personal number, PIN, and Birthdate 

Never use any Name, Phone number, or even address that is available online, it is the easiest thing any hacker will get and can access your account. Also never use any number that carries your personal information like your Card Pin or any other number. If all this sensitive information comes out then it will lead you to danger.

Use a mixture of Numbers, Letters, Special characters

To make a password stronger you can mix numbers, letters, or special characters together to make a strong combination for the password. This combination is not easy to crack the hackers.
Sometimes you can use a bunch of special characters in starting or at the end of the password. It makes your password stronger.

Don't change a single character at a time

When you are changing your Password make sure that you are not using the same password as the old one. In case you only change a single character, or you just change a single letter the chance of getting hacked is very high.

Also, don't reuse your old password in any of the new accounts. Make Sure you will use a fresh password for your new account. If you will use a fresh password for your new account, then it will reduce the chance of getting hacked by some hackers.

Make your Password long

Make your Password a bit longer as it will be harder to guess the combination. This is because having a large word or combination of mixed letters, numbers and special character decreases the chances of getting hacked. 

No matter what methods you use for managing your passwords, it’s still very challenging and painful. Now the world is moving towards passwordless authentication. FaceID login, MFA, Apple’s passkey, etc are a few solutions world is moving forwards with. I hope this information has been useful to the community. 

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