How to Choose a Magento Developer - A Brief Guide

How to Choose a Magento Developer - A Brief Guide

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Isn’t it a dream of many professionals to become an Entrepreneur someday? So when the person goes out to become an Entrepreneur the very first thing that strikes in his/her mind is to take the business Online. Since taking the business online increases the chances of visibility, broadens the audience and it turn bring in more traffic.

More traffic ensures more leads and more leads lead to conversion to sales.

So the Digital World is not competitive?

The above statement is a myth. Myth in the sense that it’s quite easy to have the sales once one’s business is online. The competition is cut throat in the digital world or may be more than the real world. With plethora of start-ups and established businesses taking their business online everyday makes the digital world all more difficult.

So what should one do?

In this digital era where the competition doesn’t let you sleep and keep you on toes, what kind of digital platform one should go for?

If you are entering into e-commerce you should make sure that the platform that you choose provides you to customize e-commerce website quite easily.

Magento” is one of the leading open source CMS for e-commerce store development.

Magento” is used worldwide in many countries.

Magento an e-commerce tool

There are no second thoughts on that “Magento” is a great tool for e-commerce but is managing it an easy ask?

No it is not, it is quite a tedious and herculean one.

So what does one need to do when going for e-commerce?

  • There are always some issues to fix
  • One needs to keep on adding new products to the store
  • Setting up new banners every now and then
  • Creating Invoices &
  • Last but not the least store management.

So as a business owner or a store manager can a single person handle all things mentioned above?

A smart entrepreneur will always want that the best people do the task which they are most competent of and not ask them to do things which doesn’t suit their profile. By asking them to do things, which doesn’t suit them would lead to inefficient use of the available human resources.

To manage the activities in the “Magento” store one need to hire a trusted and professional Magento e-commerce developer.

Importance of Magento Development Company

Hiring a trusted and a professional company which has hard core experience in Magento ecommerce development services ensures success to one’s e-commerce business.


Why entrepreneurs stress to hire an experienced Magento developer?

No investor would like to invest in a company which doesn’t work professionally and is full of inexperienced people or resources.

Hiring experienced Magento ecommerce developers who have experience in e-commerce development, open the doors for new investments.

Are you looking out for Magento e-commerce developer for your ecommerce store?

Here a few questions which you need to ask yourself before zeroing on one.

  • No of years of Experience?

    Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience”. The greater the experience and the more the knowledge and The more the knowledge the more the probabilities of getting things right. Always have a background check on the company you are hiring. Look out for their clients & testimonials. 

  • Ask for portfolio based on “Magento”

    A company might be well experienced and a trusted one too at the same time they might not have worked on projects which are Magentobased. Check their previous work and projects and also verify that the company has been working with diversified clients. By checking the portfolio one can evaluate the capabilities of the company.

  • Time & Cost Estimation

    TTime estimation along with the cost estimation of the project helps in building a solid plan for business. Time estimation helps an entrepreneur to exactly know when the project would be ready so that the other plans can be made well in advance and ensure that everything is sync with the business plan.

  • Ask for the Deadline of the Project Delivery “Time is Money” and in business project delivery is one of the most important aspect. Asking the company the project deadlines helps in synchronization other departments along and sticking to the business plan. Since a delay in project delivery will lead to many unprecedented problems and also could cost lot of money. Asking for the Project delivery saves time and who would want his/her dream project to be delayed?
  • Post Project Delivery Maintenance

    Bugs and problems don’t arrive on the very first go. They arrive when you are too occupied on other important matters and the developer company hasn’t shared with you the post project delivery plans or packages with you. It is always better to ask the developer company the following:

    • How long the company is going to provide maintenance after the development of the project?
    • What are the maintenance packages for the long run in the business?

This will help you to forecast for and allot the funds accordingly.


It is business savvy to ask the above mentioned questions to the prospective development company. It is quite a fragile task to hire a right and experienced developer for “Magento” e-commerce development services.

If you are looking for a Magento e-commerce developer company in India, then W3care is the right choice for you. With a team of 50+ experienced IT professionals, W3Care is catering to clients across the world since last 10 years.

Out of 50+ IT professionals, W3care has 25 experienced developers dedicatedly for “Magento” development, who are capable of giving best of their services.

W3care also hold the privilege of being the Best “Magento” Development Company since 2010.

This has been possible only by providing best solutions to our clients who are spread worldwide in many countries. 

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