How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Website?

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A website is an online face of any business because being physically available at every location is not possible so one should always have a business website to represent itself everywhere. To get a website developed, one should first analyze the requirements of business then move towards website development.

Developing a website for a business does not only include development, but it also includes other things like Web design, logo design, domain, and hosting, etc.  The business owner really should do the analysis of all these facts to finalize that “how much it will cost?”

If you are going to develop your website and do not have an idea about how much does it cost then here are some factors which you need to be checked to find the costs of website development:

1. Well Analyzed Requirements: One should always analyze all the requirements of the website because if requirements aren’t clear then somehow or someday it will cause problems for both parties. Client and company representative should discuss all the functionalities for the proposed business because only this way those two get along. Before going further makes sure that, is there any additional cost of the license of software/plugin which you want to add extra and CMS software as per your website requirement.

2. Web Design: Web design is an important part of any website because designing is the only thing through which visitors attracted and move further. Web design is not that easy, it looks like. A great website comes out of great creativity because you want to make your business stand distinct. Web design cost involves any third party graphic if we are using as a part of the design and the effort required of an expert to design the layout, content, etc. A website should be well optimized and properly work on every screen available without losing its excellence in every manner. So to provide such results, you would surely need an experienced and creative designer to put an excellent website in front of you. To make your business website responsive you can get responsive web design services from us, we have a professional & experienced team of web designers who offer the best UI-UX services to our clients across the world.

3. Logo Design: Logo is really helpful in identifying the business when nothing is shown. Those logos are considered best which helps in recognizing the business and easy to remember. The logo should be simple and impactful along with carrying business values in it. Simple and unique logos always leave a long-lasting impression on people which help them to remember the brand/organization. We need to keep this in mind while designing a logo it should be unique and attractive. At W3care, we have a skilled team of web designers who not only provide the custom logo design services to our clients even provide consultancy services to them as per their brand requirements.


4. Website’s Architectural design: One of the most important parts of website development is choosing the best platform and technology. Website platform and technology always should be as per the business requirement. There are different platforms available in the market as per your business goals like different platforms for an e-commerce website and different platforms for blogging, newsletter or service provider website.  One can go for a content management system or PHP frameworks or core PHP for its web development. All the technologies carry distinct pros and cons. Technology platforms are decided based on various factors including, architecture, security, scalability, ease of maintenance, etc. Selection of the technology depends on the website goals so when you are making any decision for the same make it wisely. We have experienced development leaders of different technologies who can help one to select the right one for his/her project.

5. Website Development: Web development cost is calculated on the basis of required features on the website. This is the step where the functionalities prepared for the users. After analyzing the requirements and design, and framework selection, development part comes in the way. All the functionalities are developed by following the standard development process. Nowadays agile method is used so frequently by most companies for better solutions. For development, there are many technology solutions available in the market. Development of a website is like the backbone of the human body. All other things depend on it. So the cost of development always depends on the technology and platform. We at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provide best custom web development services on all available major technologies. You can contact us with your website development requirements.

6. Quality Analyst: We should know about testing and quality analysis of the website. It’s always there and included in overall cost. Every website goes through this stage because no company would want to deliver a buggy and low-quality website. The cost of quality analysis and testing should be included while calculating the cost, so they can deliver the best to the client.

7. Domain & Hosting: For any website, a particular web address and enough web space are required to deploy the website and make it ready for end-users of the website. A Domain is the name of the website. One can register a domain for its website from popular platforms like Domains.Google, 1&1,,,, and

One can find a suitable domain and hosting option for their website. We do have a team of experts who can help in buying a domain and hosting for your website. Feel free to contact us today for any domain & hosting queries and services.

8. Maintenance & Support: After all the activities above, and buying domain & hosting, Website is moved to live server from development server; there is a need of post-deployment maintenance in order to run your online business smoothly. Few companies provide limited time free maintenance for the website and after that paid support for maintenance would be needed.


I hope above-mentioned points have been useful and would help you to understand the factors affecting calculating costs to develop a website. All the factors play important roles to build and run a website successfully. We have developed and deployed thousands of websites along with providing maintenance & support services to our clients to keep their website running smoothly.

We at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have teams of experienced business development managers, Web Architects, graphic designers, UI & UX designers, web developers, quality analysts, digital marketers, and project managers to manage your projects.

Have any project in mind? Request a quote today and share your requirements with us, we will share budget & time estimation with you as soon as possible with the best possibilities.

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