How Mobile Apps are useful for Healthcare Industry?

How Mobile Apps are useful for Healthcare Industry?

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After the 2020 pandemic, Demand for medical services increased. And the demand for Healthcare Apps also increases. Currently, the mobile healthcare industry is leading the app development market.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the mobile app and software trends in the healthcare industry how these apps are helping users, and how successfully apps are running over android and iOS.

What is the use of software and apps in the healthcare industry?

The Healthcare industry is getting so much help with the apps and software. Now there are so many options available in the apps, you can book an appointment, Consult a Doctor, Some apps track your daily health routine, and many more.

Additionally, allowing patients to schedule appointments or share health-related information easily and conveniently can save clinics much time and effort in administrative tasks.

Types of Healthcare Apps

There are many healthcare apps are available in different categories like

  • Apps for assistance in Diagnosis
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Remote Monitoring app
  • Apps for Reminder
  • Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Apps

Apps for assistance in Diagnosis

These types of apps are used for keeping patients records digitally it includes Digital images of X-rays, MRI, lab test results, health records.

Consultation Doctor Booking

With one tap, you can book a doctor's consultation online.

Remote Monitoring app

These Apps helps in monitoring the heart rates, Remote oxygen level checkup, etc. these apps are mostly used for the diabetic patients

Apps for Reminder

This helps patients to remind them about the medicine time or about appointments.

Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Apps

These types of apps are built to monitor the diet and exercise, this helps in taking proper diet and nutrition also track your fitness status so that you can live a healthy diet.

What are the features that include in Healthcare App

The development of mobile medical apps is constantly improving. The most important feature of Healthcare apps is that they collect and analyze data from different devices and store at one place. It can be challenging to design mobile medical applications that cater to such a broad range of needs.

When developing healthcare apps, it is crucial to find out what their target market needs most and focus on developing them around these essential features. Patient-oriented medical app development should always aim for a great user experience.

There are only a few apps available that provide the features which help in doing work easier. These are:

  • Access medical records
  • Doctor's Schedule
  • Patient's Appointments details
  • Lab test records
  • Appointment reminder
  • Prescription reminder
  • order prescription online
  • latest News and events about new doctors or hospital
  • Upload reports such as MRI scans, rays, Ultrasound Scans, etc and download whenever needed
  • Doctor consultation any time anywhere
  • Check Doctor's profile, past records, and many more

A few facts about the usage of mobile apps in the Healthcare Industry

  • According to Accenture, the adoption rate of digital healthcare tools is increasing as we speak and 74% of patients were satisfied with the digital health services.
  • According to our research and analysis, the Medical app downloads grew 50 percent year-over-year — spurred by demand for COVID-tracing and telehealth apps. Downloads surpassed 3.2 Billion across mobile healthcare apps.
  • Almost 100,000 medical apps for doctors and patients are included in the list of App Store services           
  • Over 45% of mHealth apps are being monetized through paid schemes 


After reading this article you can understand that there are many different types of apps available for the Healthcare industry. As we know that in this time of pandemic situation healthcare apps are very useful, no one has to leave their place to visit a doctor they can get consultation whenever they needed. The Healthcare industry is at its peak and this is the best time to develop apps. Hire experienced developers who will help you in building custom apps as per your requirement. We are having a team of experienced Mobile app developers, Fill our contact form and send us your detailed requirement so we can contact you with the best suggestions regarding your requirement.

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