ExpressionEngine Welcome Email

ExpressionEngine Welcome Email

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Welcome email add-on is developed to send email on user registration. You can choose member group and add email content from control panel for each member group. When user will be registered in that group then email will be sent to that user.


Admin can add email content for each member group separately using the content editor in the add-on settings. Update email content for each group. Reassign member group or delete email content.

How to integrate Welcome Email Add-on -

Step 1: Installation (Copy the add-on files in the system/third-party) - Download module and extract it. Copy the folder “welcome_email”, paste it in EE third party folder.

Step 2: How to create email templates - To add an email template go to the ‘Add Email’ button from module admin panel. And create templates as example image below. You can select the member group, add subject and email content using the text editor there. The text editor provides the feature to insert images, tables and other formatting options easily.

Step 3: Available Variables - Below are the available variables that can be used for in the email template -

{mbr_screen_name} = The registered member’s Screen Name.

{mbr_username} = The registered member’s Username.

{mbr_email } = The registered member’s Email Address.

{mbr_id } = The registered member’s Member Id

Compatibility - This add-on works with - member_member_register, member_register_validate_members and user_register_end hooks. So this is compatible with all user management modules. Only one email setting can be added for one member group. If the member settings activate any member after validation, then the Welcome Email will be sent not after registration, but after validating the user.

This way the add-on is compatible with all member settings and latest version of Expressionengine and provides an easy way to manage the welcome emails for new registered members for all groups.

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