ExpressionEngine VS WordPress: Which one is better?

ExpressionEngine VS WordPress: Which one is better?

  • Jan 11, 2019
  • Satya P.
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ExpressionEngine and WordPress both has always been point of conversation between developers. Many coding geeks count the pros of their own technology and count the cons of other technology. This also happens with ExpressionEngine and WordPress. We can even call it a battle of ExpressionEngine VS WordPress.

WordPress was a blogging platform but later evolved with new features and capabilities of developing any kind of site. Recently WordPress launched its new version 5.0 with new feature. ExpressionEngine was a paid CMS since beginning but in November, 2018 ExpressionEngine 5 was launched as FOSS with new features.

The core point of this blog is to compare these two CMS and help out those people who have many questions like ExpressionEngine VS WordPress. Usually in the tech world, it is said that never compare two different platforms because they serve different purposes. But if you still compare then it’s like comparing two different fruits.

According to many experts, it is found that determining the right platform for fulfilling the website aim is like piece of cake deal.

Although, you find yourself wondering the web pages while try to reach at conclusion. In case of ExpressionEngine VS WordPress, you feel muddled because both of CMS can be used to serve for any business websites. But still, there can be only one best CMS, correct?

According to W3Techs survey, WordPress is used by 59.8% of all the CMS websites and 32.7% of all websites. ExpressionEngine is used by 0.3% of all the CMS websites and 0.2% of all websites.

What Features ExpressionEngine can be proud of?

  • Customization: ExpressionEngine is one those CMS which gives you the power of changing anything according to your taste of website. Simple means of ExpressionEngine CMS is “Forget about default categories, now it’s time to be creative.
  • Security: ExpressionEngine is known by only small community as compared to other CMS communities. Also EE is based upon a robust PHP framework. So it is less penetrable by hackers.
  • Powerful CMS: ExpressionEngine is a robust and developer oriented platform. There are so many possibilities for the one who has deep coding knowledge.
  • Multiple Websites: It has a great feature of management, where you are able to create multiple website from single ExpressionEngine download.
  • Few Purposes: By using ExpressionEngine, you are able to develop any kind of functioning website and even forum site as well.
  • Free Open Source: ExpressionEngine was not free since beginning but from November 19, 2018 it’s free.

At what Points, ExpressionEngine fail to attract users?

  • Extremely Complex: EE is robust CMS but along with this, its complex as well. If you don’t have deep knowledge of coding then you would surely need expert ExpressionEngine developers to do your tasks.
  • Support: The community of ExpressionEngine is comparatively small to WordPress for an instance. Hereby, you cannot get enough support for your critical issues, so you will have to generate paid support ticket.
  • Lack of Add-ons: Add-ons are always useful to expand the functionality of website, though many times EE library of add-ons is not enough. In such situation, you need to hire ExpressionEngine plugin development services.
  • Updates: Update is one of the important tasks in EE, because it’s extremely hard to upgrade ExpressionEngine without downtime. And since there is not any automated method, you have to use code to do everything manually.
  • Templates: The creation of templates is completely up to the user to develop. It’s almost impossible to find ready-to-use themes for your desired EE websites.

What Features WordPress can be proud of?

  • Open Source: WordPress is an open source CMS because you don’t have to pay for installing it. One needs to go to official website of WordPress and download it to use it. There are also plenty of plugins and themes are free.
  • Themes: WordPress is one of those CMS which can be proud of both free and premium themes including mobile responsive ones. There is no such thing “You won’t find it.”
  • Plugins: WordPress directory has vast directory of plugins. There are plugins/add-ons for every need from security, ecommerce store and SEO to analytics and social media.
  • Community: WordPress community is one of the largest communities which gives free support in require times and also gives opportunity to attend WP camps.
  • SEO: WordPress is by default SEO friendly CMS and offers a number of SEO plugins to improve your site performance. You can try either Yoast or All One in SEO Pack.
  • User-Friendly: This CMS is very easy and smooth to use & learn. One needs very less time to get to know and biggest thanks to WP dashboard which is very user-friendly.

Where WordPress fail to prove itself?

  • Not Unique: It is fact that there are number of themes which are free, so you may find few of sites which will look similar to your project. Although there are many things, you can customize in your website design. If you are not able to do by yourself, then you hire someone for wordpress website development services.
  • Vulnerable: WordPress is a renowned CMS platform, so it’s a priority target for the hackers but thanks to automated updating security mechanism which keeps your site out of reach from hackers.
  • Ecommerce: WordPress had evolved itself from blogging platform, though it lacks of robust ecommerce features. To become a robust ecommerce platform, it still needs time.
  • User Roles: By default WP treats every user as admin, so sometimes it’s complicated to enable non-editor to contribute to the site.



I hope this comparison of ExpressionEngine VS WordPress would have helped you to understand the both CMS. According to above stated points, ExpressionEngine is leading in the race because it’s not only user-friendly but also has vigorous features. Though on the other hand, WP wins the SEO battle and also has a large community.

So it’s hard to say that which one is the best because it will completely depend upon the requirement of website.

We at W3care Technologies have expert team for ExpressionEngine development and wordpress website development services as well. Contact us today and share your requirements of website development in any CMS/Framework.

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