ExpressionEngine vs Craft CMS

ExpressionEngine vs Craft CMS

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Did you know that technology change helps businesses to shift their traditional business to online? It makes sense that during the last decade, web development has been at its peak. Thus, there's been a rise in eCommerce Online Stores.

Did you know Up to 2025, the online shopping revenue in the USA will exceed 1.3 Trillion Dollars? The eCommerce market revenue will reach up to US$170bn by 2025.

If we compare eCommerce web development technologies from past days, we have many web development technologies available to design and develop custom-Coded eCommerce Online Shops. When we talk about open source web development PHP frameworks, everyone talks about Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and WoCommerce. Some are free to use, and for some, we need to purchase a license to work on that technology.

When we talk about functionality and other aspects, Craft CMS and ExpressionEngine come one step forward compared to others.

In this blog, we will discuss the ExpressionEngine VS Craft CMS:-

ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS are open-source platforms and help in building custom-coded websites easier. Here are some points that let you know the better open-source PHP platform for your eCommerce business website.

ExpressionEngine is one of the best open-source PHP frameworks for building websites for your business. This CMS offers full-customization control so you can develop any website according to your business requirement.

Some customization options are as follows:- you can easily create Channels, fields, Categories, and many more without using plugins or custom coding. In ExpressionEngine, the efforts for customizing a website are much higher than in other Open Source PHP frameworks.

Craft CMS is the best alternative for WordPress. You can customize the website as you want. The Craft CMS customization is much easier compared to the ExpressionEngine Customization.

Craft CMS provides limited options as compared to ExpressionEngine. In the Craft CMS, Fields are created using Plugins during website customization.

The security in ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS:-

  • ExpressionEngine is based on a robust PHP framework which is not easy for hackers to hack websites. So if you are planning a secure eCommerce Store, then ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS both are the best options for website security.
  • Did you know that the Craft CMS is built on the YII framework? It also offers security from hackers.

Most CMS depends on the add-ons that are available in the market. Did you know there are many Add-ons and plugins available that boost the speed and many functionalities of the website?

In ExpressionEngine, you can create plugins and add-ons according to your business requirements. You can use modules, extensions, field-type, and plugins for your website to work smoother and faster.

In Craft CMS, you can customize the plugins. It's indeed hard to understand the functionality of the Craft CMS Plugin. While working on the Craft CMS Plugin, developers are careful because the plugin's functionality can affect the whole website.

Overall, if we compare Craft with ExpressionEngine, then we can say that both are best in their respective open-source PHP Framework. We need to check all the requirements for any business to select whether we have to use Craft CMS or ExpressionEngine. 

Did you know ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS have the same functionality and can solve the same user problems? 

  • Both Open Source PHP Framework need different programming efforts during coding,
  • Developers spend a lot of time understanding and fixing the issues in ExpressionEngine.
  • But in Craft CMS, you can build websites much easier, faster, and smoother.

So, if you are planning for an eCommerce Store? Let’s discuss more in detail with W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. regarding the best suitable Open Source CMS PHP framework to get your customized Ecommerce Store done.

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