ExpressionEngine Registration to SugarCRM’s contact Module Integration

ExpressionEngine Registration to SugarCRM’s contact Module Integration

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The SugarCRM’s WSDL URL, username and password, are enough to link the EE site with the SugarCRM setup. How to integrate EE member registration form to SugarCRM ?

Step 1:

Installation (Copy Extension in Third Party) Download extension and extract it. Copy the folder “eesugar_register” and “nusoap” and paste in EE third party folder. Copy the languages file “lang.eesugar_register.php” which showing under “languages/english” and paste the file under the EE “languages/english”

Step 2:

Settings for EE sugar Extension Check the extension under Addons->Extensions at EE control panel and click “install” to perform installation. After installation, go to settings. Under settings you will find “send data on” dropdown option.

If you choose “On confirmation” then this add-on synchronizes with the member’s data after confirmation of the member’s email address. After registration, Email is sent to the user’s email address with a link to activation. Once the account activated then this add-on will send the info to SugarCRM’s contact module for syncing.

If you choose “On Registration” then it sends the values to SugarCRM at the time of form submission.This means when user submits the registration form and EE validates the info and passes to member module at the same time all registration information will be passed to SugarCRM and a new entry will be created. Now for integrating you’ll need to set the access detail of your SugarCRM account.

Enter SugarCRM’s Username in username field , SugarCRM’s Password in password field and SugarCRM’s SOAP URL(e.g. http://sugar_install/soap.php) in SOAP url field.

Custom Fields: - After setting the above fields, it’s time to setup the custom fields. To add custom fields we should be aware with SugarCRM fields because only fields with same name can integrate with each other. For First Name and second Name fields, name of fields must be first_name and last_name respectively. So we need to put same name in custom fields also. And from here we can add multiple custom fields on the base of SugarCRM field names.

Step 3:

New Member Fields

If you are adding some custom fields then you should create some custom member fields also so that you can use during registration. And value of inserted fields will integrate in SugarCRM. According to the above we created two custom fields. first_name and last_name. Now, create two new fields. Note:- Fields name should be same as per instruction.

Step 4:

New Registration

Go to the member/register form page and create a new account. Fields value will integrate with SugarCRM and when you will check the information in Contact under your SugarCRM account. You will find a new integrated contact. For additional support, please contact us at or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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