Good NEWS!!! ExpressionEngine is Free Now

Good NEWS!!! ExpressionEngine is Free Now

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Good NEWS!!! ExpressionEngine is Free Now.

ExpressionEngine is a splendid CMS (Content Management System) with outstanding features. ExpressionEngine is a commercial-grade CMS that has powered presidential campaign websites, such as Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2016, as well other websites from global companies such as Starbucks, Disney and Nike. EE has always been best choice of developers, because of hands-free development.  It was a paid CMS so many clients hesitated to go for it. ExpessionEngine was built by EllisLab and since the launch it was a paid CMS. A Single website license cost was USD 299, but in October 2018, EllisLab declared that from November ExpressinEngine will be Free and open source software platform(FOSS). 

We all are very excited about this move of making ExpressionEngine free and open source. It has a great potential to drive marvelous growth and possibilities for all in the ecosystem, and after this move, it will surely lead new customers to ExpressionEngine from all over the globe.

I guess you are flabbergasted that “Why I am praising this CMS so much?

Well, actually EE has many advantages over other CMS. ExpressionEngine has many certain benefits mentioned below:

  • Extreme Security
  • Limitless Design
  • Flexible Content
  • Powerful Features
  • Top Notch Support

Proceeding further…

According to the EllisLab, they wanted to make EE open source for many years, because it has become a blatant and overwhelmingly favored licensed model. As the matter of statistics, most of the products are built on open source in every corner of the web. So to make this reality, they announced it as free open source on 25 Oct 2018 in EE conference.

They also declared that in November, they are going to roll out many services which will offer directly companies to help them succeed with their clients.

This news brought the smiles on the many faces who love to work on ExpressionEngine because many clients would say no because of license cost. Now EE developers will be able offer more services and better services without any hesitation.

In the last statement, they mentioned a very amazing thing and that is “if you purchased ExpressionEngine recently then we have something very special in store for you. Stay tuned for details in November!”

So we can say that this is the perfect opportunity to offer something better to the clients. We at, W3care have experience of more than 10 years of working on EE and provided best ExpressionEngine Development services to clients from all across the globe.

So let’s do it and take the ExpressionEngine on the upper level.

Good luck to all with open source ExpressionEngine!

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