ExpressionEngine 6 is now available!

ExpressionEngine 6 is now available!

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The release of ExpressionEngine 6 already announced with great excitement. ExpressionEngine version 6 is a new major version and has many more features that most people would love. In this ExpressionEngine world, this version will act like dawn as it has been elevating the user experience since its arrival.

The recent ExpressionEngine update has announced that version 6 will have a long-term support release that is quite good and will support at least five years. So, let’s get to know more about version 6 of ExpressionEngine further in this article. Also, let us discuss the new version's features and see the difference between the new and old ExpressionEngine versions.

What’s New in this Version?

This version is well-designed so that you can get the best user experience, and there's a new interface, functionality, refined interactions, and more as the additional features of this new version. Let’s go on details about the new features below:

1. New Design Control Panel: This feature has reimagined the control panel to give the users a better experience to use this particular version. Also, you’ll get a dark mode option which is new in ExpressionEngine. The users will also find new navigation in a simple language to get confused over complex things. Other things included here are- no more max-width; you can resize live preview, get a naveless option, Collaposable sidebar, and more.

2. Jump Menu: You'll be surprised to know that the Jump menu has a new way to navigate that will help you to get more straightforward navigation. Also, this jump menu feature will make everything quick with a single shortcut to everything. Interestingly, due to the jump menu, you'll experience the fastest way to use any CMS. Moreover, you can get quick access entries over the jump menu with fuzzy matching logic.

3. Member Roles: You’ll manage your member roles in the member roles area of the control panel that permits you to do so. It is necessary to have at least one Role for each member, which is said to be the primary Role. You’ll be able to restrict and control all the things that a given member is allowed to do with these roles and the page they can access. Over 50 different privileges that each member would have, either authorized or denied, have precise control over what your members can do.

4. Color Picker Fieldtype: You’ll be able to select predefined or custom colors through the color picker. There are several field options:

a. Allowed colors: You can select what colors are allowed to you for choosing that can be of any color value. You are also not permitted to pick any color not shown in the swatches or the default color. The colors in swatches will be shown.

b. Default color: If you do not select any color option that the default color will be used in the whole process.

c. Swatches: You can make a list of predefined colors shown in the swatches.

5. New Member Template Tags: There are several new features in new member Template tags where you’ll find registration tags, login tags, logout tags, forgot password tags when you can’t remember your password or if your password gets lost, reset password tags, member list tags, member search tags, custom profile data tags, member roles tags, ignore list tags, and more.

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Comparing the old and new ExpressionEngine version

You must have already known that ExpressionEngine developed as an alternative to WordPress by EllisLab. Before concluding, let's talk about the older version.

The previous ExpressionEngine version

Earlier, it wasn’t a big deal if you do not want to upgrade your ExpressionEngine site, as it would have still worked and supported correctly. Also, if you are not choosing to enjoy the benefits of improved features, that was fine earlier, and it would not overweigh your head by asking to upgrade.

The latest ExpressionEngine Version

The new version has brought stability, security, and functionality improvements to the Content Management System. Most business owners are not happy with the upgrade, so; they chose not to perform the upgrade, but there are several features such as you can check work before saving changes with preview windows.

Amazingly, version 6 will stay up to date with the new versions of PHP and MySQL for five years and support them as it does not introduce any breaking changes.


I hope you’ll find this article helpful and got enough information regarding ExpressionEngine version 6 and its latest updates. The makers of ExpressionEngine have made web designing much more accessible for many years now. Also, ExpressionEngine gives web designers and web developers the full potential to work.

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