ExpressionEngine 6.1 PRO

ExpressionEngine 6.1 PRO

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The advanced version of ExpressionEngine is about to hit the ground. This is 6.1 Pro with a lot more attractive features for all CMS lovers! Let's take a dive and explore the potential of more user-friendly, faster and nicer experiences in Website development using CMS. Discover the Best ExpressionEngine Development Services from an experienced team of W3care Technologies PVT LTD.

The most reliable and secured CMS ExpressionEngine is all set to give you tremendous features ever in any customizable CMS.

They are ready to give you a way better experience of managing your website. Not just the point of the ExpressionEngine back-end managers but also perspective of the associated developers.

Let's start a new journey of ExpressionEngine.

There are some mind-blowing features that the ExpressionEngine team has added. So, let’s start checking all the points one by one -

1. Manage your website directly from the front-end: - So far, whenever it was needed to change any content of any entry then we first go to the admin section and find the entry and then update the content. But after this version, stop accessing the back-end. Whoo-hoo...

You can manage all the content from the front-end without going to the backend section. You can change any field data, alt tag of the image. Simple, you just need to click on the edit button, or the section and a popup will appear and then you can change the content directly.

You can open multiple fields’ popup at a time and then close after doing the work. Amazing, isn't it?

2. No license mandatory for development Environment: - You can use the Pro version without a license in development mode, once development is done and you need to make the site live, a license would be required.

3. Low Search: - Whenever we talk about some wonderful add-on for ExpressionEngine then we always talk about the low search for searching feature in the website. And in ExpressionEngine pro this add-on is inbuilt.

4. Low variables: - Low variables are also included with the pro version.

5. SEEO: - The most reliable add-on for SEO work, the add-on SEEO is also included in the same plan. This means ExpressionEngine is providing all the website solutions at one point.

6. Migration for addons: - For the associated developer of your website, this is going to be a crazy feature for them. Using the command line, the developer can easily generate plugin, module, extension, or fieldtype. Just they need to select the add-on type, write the name, define settings, define table, and table fields and then go. It will automatically generate all the files and the pure code which will help your developer to start working in the add-ons. This is amazing!!

7. Cookies Constent: - For GDPR compliance, it is not mandatory to allow users to accept cookies. So, you do not need to worry about any custom JS or code. Just you'll need to manage this from the backend.

8. Cookies saved and expire timing from backend: - Now, you can see the logs of your cookies at the backend. All the cookies related details will be saved at the backend. Interesting.

Price: -

            ExpressionEngine has inbuilt so many new functionalities in their pro version and that surely going to give you handier platform in the terms of management and also for the associated developers.

The PRO features are coming in two kinds of subscription: -

            A. Monthly: - $20/Month.

            B. Yearly: - $199/Year.

If you see the provided feature, then it is worth of each penny. They have worked very hard to reach to this level and they are working on many new features also that will be included time to time in every new version releases. Also, giving the best add-ons in their plan like low search, low variable and SEEO is remarkable.

Let's wait what they will bring more before releasing this officially and also in their each upgrade.

W3care Technologies PVT. LTD. is the silver partner of ExpressionEngine and we build custom-coded websites in ExpressionEngine PHP Open Source Platform. Discover best ExpressionEngine Development Services for all business niche.

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