ExpressionEngine 3 ready add-ons

ExpressionEngine 3 ready add-ons

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ExpressionEngine 3.0 version has been landed last month on 13th OCT 2015. The developers has increased the feature in new upgraded version and much better than previous.

It’s all have Brand New Control Panel which is now redesigned and welcomes you in responsive backend. The group, who rewritten with a consistent visual language and smart interaction for providing us better experiences, After getting the control panel responsive it is now easily useable from different devices. Simply it is providing to handle your admin section from anywhere.

After anticipate your needs, it included small things using some of smart interaction. Now the create menu will offer you to create channel instead of an entry. Another example is bulk actions, which only consume UI space when needed, like after selecting items in a table.

Add-ons are consolidated onto a single page, regardless of their add-on type. And all first party add-on are filtered. New ExpressionEngine 3.0 providing a fast and lean control panel. One of the best features which added in new version, Multi Site Manager (MSM) is no longer separate for getting after additional payment; it is now integrated in new version with each installation. Means you don’t need to purchase MSM from now.

Discussion forum is also included with new ExpressionEngine version. For building any site the first concern of any customer to have the attractive view and fabulous functionality for attract visitor but that always keep in mind that if site attracts visitors then it also attracts spammers. New version of ExpressionEngine thrilled to be one of the first CMSes to provide its solution for dealing with spam. Not only these changes or features which new version included.

Apart from it there are other best moves found in new version. Increased the usability of User Serviceable Folders, Geekout:models which improved data interaction layer for PHP developers.

Installation is now better after decreasing the information asks during installation. In new version, ExpressionEngine improved some small things which ideally better for uses. Now customizable “Title” field label for channel entries. Increased the minimum character of title and URL title to 200 characters. And other more features introduced with new version.

After getting a new installation that will see many differences from older one and always it will be lovable CMS for building your site. Looking for more in future with new releases of ExpressionEngine version.

Here is the list of Add-ons that are currently available on devot-ee developed and managed by us with their expected date when they will be available on devot-ee with the compatibility of EE 3.0:

1. Sugar integration – 17th Nov.

2. Custom dropdown – 9th Nov.

3. Freeform to sugar – 19th Nov.

4. Read Playa entry – 20th Nov.

5. Delete Entries – 18th Nov.

6. Scripturizer EE2 1.1 – 16th Nov.

7. Welcome Email Notification – 10th Nov.

8. PHP Text format – 20th Nov.

9. Access Post Variable - 21st Nov.

10. Weather Info – 23rd Nov.

11. OSTicket integration – 23rd Nov.

12. Unit converter - 25th Nov.

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