COVID-19 Outbreak – We can still help to grow your online business?

COVID-19 Outbreak – We can still help to grow your online business?

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W3care and our fight with Corona Virus

Corona Virus - COVID-19 outbreak is the talk of the hour in today’s times. The main reason for worry is the effect that it has caused across the world. But the IT sector and companies need not worry about this, why it is because of W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The Company’s continued dedication to providing web app IT services is the primary point that keeps it going. This is the reason that W3care Technologies was awarded the Top Web Developer Leader Award for the year 2020.

What is required in this scenario would be complete and utter vigilance in the part of all the concerned individuals, in the company and for the outside world as well.People mustn't get complacent about this scenario and stop your IT businesses completely, which could result in losses. If you want to avail of professional services concerning Custom app development (Android and iOS app), Website Development, UI/UX Designing, CRM and ERP Development, and even QA and Testing Services, then you can contact our company which will then provide this assignment to our developers that are currently Work from Home.

W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. expertise and development skills and the will to work and provide excellent services to the clients cannot be stopped just because of COVID-19. It is therefore essential to have that positive attitude and ensure that all safety precautions are taken before taking the bull by its horns.

Services Provided

Our increased capability and willingness to take on new web app projects is a mark that we can grow and flourish in any condition and environment. It is that drive which makes us the best in this business and provides our clients with a host of services that we provide. Some of these include,

  • Extension and Plugin Development – These extensions are very important for the websites so that they operate in a way that you want them to. We create extensions for almost all web development platforms.
  • CMS – Our continued support towards providing efficient services also extends towards CMS as well, and we have been doing that for almost 8 years.
  • Web and Mobile App Development – Our experienced team of professional developers provide you with excellent customized web and mobile applications that would work on every platform as per what the client requirement deems.
  • Website Maintenance – Whenever a website deployment takes place, you do understand that it needs to be constant and changing with yearly trends, which is why our team is also focused on providing excellent website maintenance services as well.
  • QA and Testing Services – Quality of a website is extremely important in every step of the way. This is the reason we have an analyst team that looks into this aspect and provides their valuable expertise on it.
  • Website Redesign Services – Do you want to grow your online sales? Just redesign your Business website. Most of the clients are seemingly unsatisfied with how their website looks in their current form. So, we help them in giving them the look and feel and accordingly redesign the website as per what they need and as per what we feel will look best.


Taking on New Challenges

W3care Technologies work on a clear vision in providing effective web and mobile application development so that our clients would not feel the heat on the requirements not getting fulfilled. The team comprises experienced web developersmobile app developerse-Commerce web developers, SEO Experts, Digital marketersand personnel involved with website maintenance to understand the requirements in detail and accordingly provide the services with complete professionalism.

Our Company is now growing to establish ourselves as one of the premium IT Solutions providers. The web and mobile applications that we design and provide solutions always provide clients with a competitive edge in the IT Market. One of the main facets of the company is the satisfaction of the customers, thereby providing continuous innovation, great quality, and also technological advancements that would be as per the trends in the market.

We make sure that our services are as per the current market trends, and we make sure that we never falter from that path. This current scenario concerning COVID-19 has given us an increased sense of vigor and passion to work towards our goals in a more focused and balanced way. We have employees who carry out remote work assignments and complete them doing their bit for the Company in every way possible. It is a challenge that every organization has to face, and W3care Technologies is no different because we do love exceptions, and we do love challenges, especially when it comes to facing them head-on.

 Small and medium business owners around the world from France, Germany, UK, Spain, USA (New York, Seattle, Texas, Utah, California, Washington), Ireland, Canada, Europe connect today with W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd to hire a team of app developers, website design developers, and digital marketers for all kinds of web and app solutions under one roof, as we are working remotely as usual.

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