Business Platform of Future – Mobile Apps

Business Platform of Future – Mobile Apps

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In today's world, we all know that smartphones play an important role in everyone's life. And the use of smartphones increases during this pandemic situation as everyone is at their home and not allowed to go outside everyone starts using smartphones for their every single need.

Due to this, mobile apps have become the best way to get more engagement than other things, everyone started using mobile apps for daily needs in past one year and this leads to an increase in the mobile app development trends.

Let's check out this list of the latest app development trends.

  1. Grocery App
  2. Multi-Platform App Development
  3. Beacon Technology
  4. Future Apps for Foldable Devices
  5. E-wallets
  6. Apps for Wearable Device
  7. Augment Reality & Virtual Reality

1. Grocery App

One of the most trending in app development, During this pandemic situation, when no one is allowed to go outside only grocery apps are providing all daily needs products. After seeing a massive hike in the Grocery apps most E-commerce store owners want to get their own grocery app.

According to a recent study in 2021, this mobile commerce will generate 2.8 Trillion in revenue.

You can read our blog on Grocery App Development Company to know more about the Grocery Apps.

2. Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development has become very popular in recent years. These approaches have been used by major companies, such as Alibaba, Facebook, and Pinterest, to lower costs, improve efficiency, and cut development time.

This mobile app development trend is expected to reach its heights with Google Flutter's launch in April 2021. Flutter is a UI toolkit that makes it easy to create natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications with a single codebase. A mobile app developer can create customized apps without wasting time, effort, or capital.

3. Beacon Technology

While you're browsing the Adidas online catalog, one pair of footwear really catches your eye, but you wish to try it on first. When you download the Adidas app to your phone, it will show you the nearest Adidas store near you where you can buy the shoes in your size. This is so you can make an informed decision about whether to visit the retailer.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals, beacon technology was first introduced by Apple in 2013. Android app developers have been developing new ways to integrate Google's Eddystone Beacon Technology into android apps since 2015 when Google introduced Eddystone as its own beacon technology.

4.  Future Apps for Foldable Devices

When we talk about Futuristic apps then we must have to talk about the foldable device which is going to be the future of smartphones. At present only Samsung and LG have launched the Foldable device but in near future, most smartphone companies are going to launch foldable devices.

Now the challenge comes for the developers as they have to create apps for these types of devices because they have to build apps that will change the screen resolution when the user folds the device. This is going to open a lot of opportunities for the developers.

5. Mobile E-Wallets

As you all know the world is digitalizing everything and the use of E-wallets like Paypal, PhonePe, and Google pay is increasing day by day.

Mobile Wallets are becoming the most common app for payment methods these days because it is very easy to use. The user has to register with their account details and link the bank account to the wallet app and then use it to pay the bills, Shop on online stores, or transfer money to family and friends. The E-wallet apps are working on adding more features that will make this more user-friendly.

6. Apps for Wearable Device

Wearable devices are having a huge impact on the smartphone industry. If we talk about smartwatches or even Smart lenses wearable devices are the future in technology.

These wearable devices are controlled by smartphones and can be used for health and communication, and because of the increase in the popularity of these devices the trend for creating apps that support wearable technology is increasing rapidly. These wearable devices are already helping Healthcare Industry in tracking and analyzing body movement, Blood oxygen, Heart rate, and many more.

7. Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

AR is already trending in 2021 and will be in trend in upcoming years. As you know many games are now using AR mode and now it is increasing not only games are using AR even many Big companies use AR in their Apps just to give the best user experience.

Applications like Lenskart, Style My Hair by L'Oreal Paris, and many apps using AR technology.

Lenskart uses AR Technology to provide the user a real-time experience to check which eyewear looks good on their face before buying.

Google also rolled out a feature in Google Map called LIVE VIEW where a user can check direction turn by turn in real-time. It uses the Smartphone's Camera users have to point the camera at a signboard or at any building and it will show the user's location.

Virtual Reality is also in the boom in the world of app development, this is basically for the gaming apps. VR helps users to feel the experience of in-game things, VR comes with a device that connects with the App, Mobile phone, or gaming console and provides the real in-game experience to the user.

So if we talk about Conclusion then we can say that all the above-mentioned trends are going to increase in the upcoming years. And if you are looking to hire a dedicated App Developer then feel free to contact us we will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

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