W3care selected as “Best Web Design Company of 2022” by Expertise.com

W3care selected as “Best Web Design Company of 2022” by Expertise.com

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W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top web agencies in Seattle, USA, serving industries since 2010. We are developing custom-coded websites, Next-generation Mobile apps, and high-quality customized software for more than 35+ countries' clients. Recently we have completed 12 years in this service.

Expertise is a US-based website that reviews top service providers in 200 industries and distinguishes them into different categories after reviewing. Expertise looks into 50,000+ businesses to help their customers find the best professional as per their needs. Expertise selected W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as the Best Web Designers in Seattle for 2022. We are very thankful to Expertise.com for choosing us.

We design creative and intuitive static and dynamic business Websites and eCommerce online stores with the best UI/UX behavior.

Since 2010, we have been developing creative websites based on the following UI/UX using best practices:- 

  1. Website Visual Design
  2. User Interaction
  3. Website optimization
  4. High-Quality Images
  5. Information Accessibility

1. Navigation Design

Our web development and designing team creates a wireframe according to which we clearly define business objectives regarding the flow of the user. Our developers make user navigation easy because it increases customer attention as well as help user select things with more accuracy. We design and develop a website structure in such a way for all visitors so they can easily visit the home page from any internal web page.

2. Website Visual Design

Our digital marketing team crosses over thousands of business websites during their digital marketing work, so they know the latest trends in the website's visual design. So, our developers work with the digital marketing team to design the visuals for all web pages with new creativity to attract visitors to stay on all web pages. Our web designers add visual elements in animations, videos, creative images, and informative content according to the latest design trends. 

3. User Interaction

An attractive website always holds the visitor's attention and engages them between pages of the website. Our designers have experience in design on how to attract users. Our R&D team keeps researching the latest and new trends to make the website looks better. More user interaction with the website helps the website owner reach their conversion goals faster.  

4. Website Optimization

Website optimization is the main factor in designing. The digital marketing team researches all the factors that affect the website and suggests the best options that help optimize the website according to the latest trends in website optimization. When your website has the best features, but the speed is slow for the visitors, this will affect the bounce rate. But from the very beginning, we also work on the optimization so that while wrapping up the projects, we don't have to make changes for the optimization.

5. High-Quality Images

While working for online stores, our designers prefer to have high-quality product images. When displaying products, a website owner needs to show a clear product image to the customer before they decide to buy any product from your online store. Because if we use a low-quality display product image, then the chance of conversion from the user will decrease. Our team provides high-quality images with minimum storage usage so that the customer doesn't have to worry about the quality and storage on the website. 

6. Information Accessibility

Our team researched that not every user visiting a website interacts with all website content. Some of the users only want to get the contact information. In this situation, the user wants all the information in one place where they can get information in one visit. Our designer designs pages according to this so that the user can access all information they are looking for in one place.

The above points are the features our web designers use to get the best UI/UX design for the customers. And based on these features, Expertise.com has chosen us as the Best Web Designers in Seattle 2022. We are very thankful to Expertise for choosing us as the best web designer for continuous 2 Years.

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