Another useful Addon for ExpressionEngine Ecommerce

Another useful Addon for ExpressionEngine Ecommerce

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Here is the feature list of the addon –

  1. In order history where a logged in user views all his orders, they will be able to request any order as returned (in some given timeframe after delivery).
  2. They will fill in the form for order return – the system will take – order id, customer name, reason of Return, product detail, consignment no. (if applied), pickup address.
  3. Under admin panel they will see the following settings –
        a. Number of days for return (after delivery)
        b. List of all return requests ( with date filter and sorting features)
        c. Edit feature for any of the request
        d. Manage status of the return package i.e. picked, received, settled, refunded etc. (these statuses can also be named)
        e. Refunding of any returned order can be done from this panel
        f. Partial refund can also be applied as the shipping charges or service charges can be deducted from that order’s refundable amount, so admin will be able to enter the amount of refund while refunding any order to a user.
  4. Email templates –
        a. We will have different email triggers i.e. return request received, return request handled, return package received, refund sent
        b. All these events will be called as per the order status
        c. So if all these hooks would have emails associated with them, the emails will fire.
  5. Install Sample Template: - You can install templates from here and then you can find all the tags for implementing this feature.

Working: -

         Return Product, you can add entry ID from orders channel. I am showing "rma" in path as this can be installed from the sample templates options.

         User can now see an option for refund/return product in the fronend showing in above image.

         After that user will redirect to the page from where he can add reason and other informations before initiang the request.

        Once, user will request the return then admin can check in the backend and then he can take action on the request.

Template Tags: -

         Return Management Form Tags: - {exp:return_management:form}

         Parameters: - required, order_id, return, required.

         You can use store orders or Ct orders tag to show orders in user's My Order.

Rest, you can install the sample template and check the process.

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