Android or iOS – What Should Be Your Choice When You Have Budget Constraints

Android or iOS – What Should Be Your Choice When You Have Budget Constraints

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In the world of competitive era, new technologies and platforms are taking place day by day. Today what is new, tomorrow that is out of date. Businesses are totally dependent on websites and app because the majority of customers get their services & products online. As customers are king for the business every entrepreneur or businessman has to make their websites and business app up to the mark. If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman or SME Business Owners who want to develop a mobile app for your business then choosing the best operating system for your business app is the most complicated task when you have a limited budget.

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When it comes to developing an app for your business from a mobile app development company, we see there are two major players in the mobile OS market i.e. Android and iOS, and many SME business owners find it difficult wheather to hire android app developer or hire iOS app developer. There are several factors which are significant for while making this decision that which one to opt, the budget for developing a mobile app plays a major role. When choosing one of the best from them, the budget constraints act as a barrier. However, between android and iOS, you need to opt for one platform at the beginning of developing the first business app. Although, this selection of one platform involves many aspects, when you have budget constraints here are some major factors that will help you to determine, which of the two is more important for a business with a limited budget.

1.Target Audience/ Customer Base: If you are going to hire professional team of mobile app developers to make your first business app then hold on, please. Before opting Android or iOS,your targeting audience matters a lot. If we look at the stats according to research the customers or users of the iOS app are higher than android but you if you are targeting a global audience then Android is the best option for you. Android is the leader in the global mobile market because of its app downloading rate and app viewpoints. If your aim is to target the global market or audience then Android is the best choice, but if your business operations are focused only in Europe & the US then you should choose the iOS platform. In any case, if you are not sure about your target audience then please make sure about it because a high budget marketing plan does not get expected results if you fail to reach the right audience according to your business.

2.App Store Optimization Cost: :Developing and getting an app of Android or iOS is not everything for your business. Brand building is the most important part of a business to get success. Like SEO for web, App Store Optimization (ASO) is now the center of any app marketing campaign. Whether it is play store or app store to rank high your app, you required a trained ASO team that can make popular your app among people and can increase the downloading rate of your app. The cost of App store optimization is also an important part while selecting one between android app development and iOS app development.



3.Development Time: It is one of the most significant factors while opting the one between the Android and iOS platform. Although the Android and iOS apps take a nearly equal amount of time in development with the same features and functionality when it comes to testing part, Android apps are required to be tested for multiple devices that might have multiple bugs for the same application. Android app developers have to spend quality time on ensuring that the functionality of the app remains the same across all devices. On the other hand, the testing part of the iOS app takes less amount of time because it runs on limited devices. So the testing phase of iOS app takes lesser time in comparison to Android app.

4.Development Cost: When it comes to the application development cost, of course, it is directly proportional to the app development time. We can see that the lengthy procedure for testing of an android app makes it costly because it increases the number of hours for development that directly affects the cost of development. In comparison to Android app, iOS app development is cheaper because of its little testing procedure. So if you are going to hire mobile app developer and you want to get ready your business app with a time- frame in mind with lesser cost then iOS is the best option for you.

5.Cost Per Install: Cost Per Install (CPI) is the equivalent of Pay Per Click (PPC). While opting one between the Android and iOS platforms this factor plays a major role. Cost per install means you have to pay only when the user install your app. In other words, with app store some amount to be paid when the user installs the app on their device. Payment will be made after the installment only no matter how many people view the advert. According to stats CPI rates are higher of App Store in comparison to Play Store. In terms of CPI rates, Android is the more budget-friendly than iOS.

6.Push Notification Response: The response to push notification varies from platform to platform. Both OS display & handle notifications in a different way. When it comes to response to push notifications Android users are more active than iOS users. Maybe one of the reasons behind this is Android push notifications stays on the screen or notifications bar until clicked whereas iOS notifications disappear after the first unlock. If you are going to spend on push notifications for marketing your app then Android is the good option for you with a quick and better response.



7.Generation of Revenue: If we look deeper inside the main motto behind app development is revenue generation or App Monetization. If we compare between iOS and Android, iOS is the winner here because of high-income individuals. According to research, the iOS customer base is smaller but they are highly educated, higher income users who spend more time and money on the app. iOS apps generate more revenue through in-app purchase and in Android app you can generate revenue through ads displayed within them. So, if you want to generate more revenue in a short time than iOS is a good choice for you and for the deisgn development of iOS app you can Hire iOS app developer.

8.Publishing App Cost: Once your application development is done and you are ensured that it is available for users to download and install then the next step is to publish your app on the app store or play store. There are different rules to follow for publishing your app on the App store or Play store. Where apple store charges for publishing an app is $99 for one-year registration, on the other hand, Android charges $25 as a one-time registration fee. Google takes just a few hours to approve your app on play store whereas Apple takes one day to approve or publish your app. So if your budget is tight then android is the feasible option for you.

9.Data Security & Privacy: Data security is the most important factor when choosing the best platform for app development from a mobile app development company. Between iOS and Android, iOS is the most secure platform because Apple prioritizes user privacy and provides regular updates. Apple provides security to users that their personal data is not stored or read by Apple. But when it comes to Android, it does not require such strict data security measures. There is lacy of updates in Android that leave devices open to serious hacks. Android encrypts some data but the user’s privacy is less protected. So, if the data privacy & security is the top on your list then iOS is the best choice for you.

Conclusion: After discussing the above-mentioned factors it is little complicated to choose one platform between Android and iOS. There are so many advantages of iOS in front of us but Android has extensively less cost incurred(except development cost) for development companies. Android users are all across the world where Apple users are limited to some specific countries but generate higher revenue. For a limited marketing budget, Android stays the unquestionable champion. Although before going to opt the one you can consult an Android app development company and iPad App Development company both and get their reviews. Once you are fully satisfied with their answers and their services you can easily make a wise decision. For your business app development, you can contact us and share your requirement with our experienced team of mobile app developers who will surely help you with your requirements and provide the best mobile app development services.

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