Android app development: How to deliver a successful android app for business

Android app development: How to deliver a successful android app for business

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In this competitive business world, a mobile app has become a crucial tool for businesses to achieve success. At present, almost 87% of the worldwide mobile operating system market is dominated by Android.  Due to this Google play store has more mobile apps in comparison to Microsoft App store and Apple App Store. According to stats, it is predicted that there will be more than 4 million Smartphone users due to apps have become the modern part of living.

With the constant usage of Android apps, mobile app development companies and developers are fully focused on developing applications of all types of processes. To make an app more productive almost every mobile app development company is trying to integrate unique and advanced features in their apps. If you are an android app development company  then makes sure your Android app must deliver the optimal user experience to stay famous & favorable. Being a mobile app development company if you want to be popular & profitable both with the maximum client satisfaction then make sure your android app developers follow a systematic approach to app development. Here are 12 tips & tricks which Android app developers should keep in mind before delivering a successful android app for business:

1.Get an idea or problem:  How anyone can measure success if they don’t decide their goals before. Same applies in the app development process if you don’t have an idea about for what purpose you are developing an app then how you can measure your results at the end? For this have a deep and quality conversation with your client and get the idea and purpose of the app. If they already have an app and facing some problem with it then get to know the problem so you can provide them the best solutions for the same.

2.Know the target audience:  Before developing an app it is important to know the target audience of an application. An app always should be developed keeping in mind the target and end-users of the app so the main motto behind the app development can be completed. An app which is developed according to the target users interest, their age group, location, etc. always enhance the success ratio of the app. Being an android app developer consult with your client about the end-users of the app so you can make the app as per the target audience and give them the best user experience.

3.Put the UI/UX first:  Making an android app is not enough your app have to gain a strong place among other millions of apps. For this, you have to focus on the app’s UI/UX.  We all know that modern users hate unresponsive and slow mobile apps so make sure whenever you deliver the app to your client it should be a responsive android mobile app so that it can enhance the great user experience. By keeping the layout simple and removing the layers that are deep you can easily make the UI responsive. Increasing user interaction is the main motto and this can be achieved when the UX is easy to use with a minimum number of clicks to reach an item or service. So it is must for android app developers to integrate responsive designs into their app development to deliver the best experience to all its users.

4.Select the right platform:  One of the most important steps in app development is choosing the most feasible platform for the app. There are many options available for the app development like a web app, native app, or hybrid app and selecting one of them is depending on your business requirement. You can’t skip the task of opting right operating system before developing an app and in the race of Operating System Android is always ready to win in the near future. Selecting the right platform for business is depend on the time and budget constraints of a client.

Android app development: Leads business success

5.Follow Android design guidelines: Being android app developers you should keep in mind the android design guidelines. To build a robust mobile app Google helps developers by recommending Android design guidelines. Google recommends build the Android app with material design and also provides a set of tools to implement the guidelines. You can create an app without following the guidelines released by Google but make sure you are following the latest and advanced guidelines while creating an app that functions efficiently and delivers the best user experience.

6.Use development tools & frameworks:  Without using any development tools and frameworks it is difficult to build, maintain and test the android app. By using the tools and frameworks you can add the features and functionality to the app without writing any additional code which makes it easy for you to test and maintain the app without any hurdles. You can also use the open-source Android app development tools to speed up the app development process without increasing the project budget.

7.Embed the latest technologies:  To preserve the popularity & profitability of Android app for a longer period of time your developed app should be according to the latest trends and technologies. It is the responsibility of a top mobile app development company that it should deliver the app to its clients with latest and advanced features. Being Android app developers make sure you are embedding the latest features and technologies in your developing app so that the app can hold a strong position in the app market. Sometimes it becomes complicated when integrating all the latest technologies in an app so; it’s recommended that you should choose one or two of them as per the requirement to meet your business goals.

8.Focus on app security: App security is the most important feature when developing an app. Whether it is a user or an app owner everyone is aware of their data security. So mobile app developers should embed the robust security features into the app to keep the user data safe and secure. Before deploying the app to client you must perform security testing of the app to identify the issue in data security. An app with advanced security features is always the first choice of users so while you creating an app focus on app security.

Android app development: Advantages

9.Integrate analytics tool: There are so many tools available in the market like; Flurry, Maixpanel, Localytics, Google Analytics and more through which you can track the visits, downloads, user engagement, user behavior and many more things for your app. Google Analytics is one of the best tools which helps you to identify the success ration of your app by seeing the number of downloads, user behavior and visits on your app. So before deploying the app to the client makes sure you have integrated the analytics tool with the app.

10.Deploy the app: Once you are done with the above things then it’s time to deploy the app to the testing department. Yes, how can we imagine an app delivery before testing it? Provide the android app to the QA team and become ensure about the right integrity of the app and make sure that the correct components are released. Keep in mind that the best testing and QA services always contribute to the delivery of a successful project.

11.Get the feedback:  Once the android app goes live on the play store, the first set of customer’s usage and behavior will give the right feedback about the app.  They will give you the appropriate response about how you can improve your app and enhance its visibility. Always keep an eye on the user’s feedback because enhancement and changes are constant so keep them building.

12.Upgrade the app & Introduce new features: Once you captured the metrics it is important to upgrade the app with improvements and introduce new features. A mobile app without the latest version and improvements is useless. Getting continuous feedback from users surely help you in the improvements of the app that will enhance its visibility along with number of downloads of the app. So keep in mind that the updated versions and introducing new features are necessary for app development.

After exploring the above points, now you can understand that successful delivery of an android business app is not a too tricky task but for this android app developers have to follow the above guidelines so they can get the positive feedback not from their clients only even from users too. If you are going to hire android app developers who can create your dream android app then we are just one click away. Yes, W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one o the best company among the top mobile app development companies who provide the best mobile app development services . Our professional team of mobile app developers had delivered 1000+ mobile app projects successfully. So what are you waiting for just contact us today!

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